Four days left.

Is it fair to describe every day as exhausting, well if they are I suppose. However, that doesn’t really say that much, now that I think about it. Everyday should be exhausting as I am trying to build strength. My goal physically is to continue pushing my body to it’s limit, while listening to it at the same time. One thing that is easy for me to admit though, I am not pushing my ankle at all.

Quite honestly, a tibia/fibula fracture scares me more than the initially diagnosed femur, pelvis, and spine, as each of those are firmly repairable, in my opinion. My femur is stronger than ever before – the muscles of my leg are not, same with my pelvis and spine, skeletally I have healed stronger than before. The tib/fib though.. I have seen that cause more repeat injuries progressively worse than with any other type of injury.

At this point with the ankle doctor, we are satisfied surgery is not needed, healing is going well, and he thinks I could be pushing a little bit harder. Yet I’d rather go slow and heal fast, so I was resistance at first, and today I went bootless and without the soft brace as well.

I am going a bit slower to be cautious of my ankle and am using the cane outdoors, it is going well on the warmer days. However, my leg and lower leg muscles do not like the cold at all and seem to freeze up clutching my leg in its former stuck, curled inward position. I can still control and make my knee stiffen and bend to walk, though the way my ankle curls in, I’m afraid I might roll my ankle. Hence, more slowness, more time in the cold…

Soon I hope to be walking in the warmth. Where was my day.. I took an easy morning relaxing for several hours in bed before making my way downstairs then checked my email. Where I had a response to my previous email to my fellow commissioners. Taking the time to read it on my large screen, by forwarding it to my home email address where I could view it on my 47″ screen (to note: I need to get my eyes checked with my vision insurance before it runs out.)

Taking the time to read it thoroughly, as it was from a respected colleague, I replied in the same manner as before, line by line immediately, though it did take quite a while. When finished, I emailed it back to myself, copy and pasted it freshly into my reply from my official email address. It only took three hours and my mind was exhausting itself the whole time.

As it stands to reason the issues raised in my emails will be made public at least in part, I would rather the issues be known in whole to those that take the opportunity and have the desire to know the whole issue. Or at least the most information that I can legally can share (as my oaths do bind me permanently,) on the issues, hence my immediately public release here.

The highlight of the day… DRUMROLL PLEASE… da da da da da da

My car is back! My friend Jay was able to meet me at Enterprise for me to return my rental and drive away in my freshened 2000 Mustang GT. And best, while there I was able to introduce jay to kaileen!

Once I got back to the house, more sorting, and now with the car – I’m able to start sizing up a few things. Many more details to come on that, however, it’s really getting to be time to finish this post! Eleven fifty four. Sorting planing, and maybe my last ever bag of pizza rolls? Could it be.

Lastly, I checked in on the old phone, and saw that my Facebook posts had received commentary from the Commissioners Kennedy and Duckham. I seemed to have silenced my critics for the moment? What might they say Tuesday, or over the weekend? I’m hope it might be something insightful to guide me in a better path if they do not like the one I am pursuing to accomplish my goals. I won’t repeat the conversation here, as it’s too easy to embed it below.

Time to rest.

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