Delivery day

What a day if I don’t even want to stop at eleven pm to write about it, and it has been a long day too. Woke up early before seven, pills and whatnot at eight and the day began. Starting with a lot of writing, though not for the site, for now at least, rather a note to my colleagues updating them on the recent developments as I rarely have seen most of them outside of meetings and I was not sure if any follow my story here.

With the recent news yesterday from Henry Ford, I will be in Michigan at least until the twenty second, possibly the twenty third. Meaning of of course, that I will be able to attend my final County Commissioner meeting at five pm on the twenty first.  This after having been absent for the December study session as well as the following committee meetings, however this was as I explained to them (as briefly as I was able in a hopefully professional email,) due to the prioritization of my healthcare over the last month.

With that notice sent I went about the list for the week and finished up the QTH digipeater and put some finishing touches on the mapping server too.  Few more tweaks on the mobile digipeaters mobile internet connection and it should be ready soon.  I was trying to rush a bit to fit this in, as I had what I thought would be my final appointment with the ankle doctor.

Another set of three X-rays on my ankle showed good signs of healing, calcification around the fresh break on my malleolus. Happy with the progress and the work I’m doing with it, he cleared me to walk without the boot, as I am able to do it well.  However, I explained, I have to do it slowly and carefully.  I am honestly more worried about this tib/fib break on 11/15, than I was initially about the femur/pelvis/spine. When I put the boot on, I can use my leg and foot with full force and I’m using this to learn how to walk while standing tall with a normal gait.

I really need the strong hard exercise on my upper leg, knees and thighs, however I also take the boot off and walk barefoot when I’m home.  Splitting up the day between working the upper leg with my ankle protected in the boot, and strengthening my ankle at home.  He seemed okay with this- doctors don’t seem to want to comment outside of their speciality, yet if you watch their eyes, they speak loudly enough.  I thought this would be the last appointment, yet he wants another set of X-rays and a revisit in four weeks.

As soon as the appointment finished, I was on my way to Lansing to see my youngest son.  His schedule as been busy this year, finishing off his rookie season as a skydiver with over two hundred jumps, while working full time as tandem packer, and putting himself into college at the same time.  Oh, did I mention he’s in the middle of exams, and still made an hour to spend with me to exchange gifts as we drove around Lansing looking for a warm place to sit and talk.

I’m not much for Starbucks, though I did enjoy the Chai tea and some great seating in the back. A pockets worth of bus money doesn’t buy much time in a parking spot and I knew I didn’t want to take too much of his time, the gift of his presence in my life is more than enough – even if it is mostly digital now-a-days.  I am remembering now the many times he and I rode our bikes to Cuppa – the best coffee shop Jackson has ever had.  Sorry Jackson Coffee Co and Biggby, you’re both wonderful, but come on, do you remember Cuppa?

Driving back to Jackson I have to say I was excited. Before I had left this morning, one package had arrived- of twenty eight that Amazon was due to deliver today! Did I mention the supply run on Amazon on my last take off list?  Today the first half came in, like I’ve said, I’m going on a journey, not a remake of Into the Wild.

As I drove into my driveway the pile on my porch was hard to miss. I could almost say I’m shocked, but by now I am not at the over-packaging from Amazon. Yes it was a big order: two chairs, table, cookware, flashlights, hatchet, knife, fire grate, torch lighter, teapot… just the basics really.  I could go on as there are a few more exiting things that came (especially the one that came in the morning,) that I am saving for a future post – stay tuned.

Once I hauled everything inside, I realized the next thing I had to do – which for the first time ever seemed tedious.  I had to open all those boxes and take care of the boxes (will take care of, I suppose, to be specific) to see the proportionately very small pile of gear remaining.  Tomorrow I have to take stock of all that I’ll be bringing.  I’ll have two more days now and that’s it.

Almost done for the day, only need to set an alarm still as I have an early morning meeting at City Hall, representing the County citizens on the local brownfield board. Will be great to see old friends at City Hall one more time.  Oh, and got word on the car, A/C compressor is on, now showing a fault in the module… few more days.  And the hitch well, won’t be a hitch.  It will be an antenna mount though, so there is that- which is good, not as nice a full hitch (I imagined pulling a tear drop really!) the mount will be good.

Time to rest.