My original email: County update

From: Jeromy Alexander
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2022 11:29 AM
To: Mike Overton; Commissioners
Subject: County update


I cannot seem to locate your recent commissioner updates in my inbox, as I am within my term, please resend to me at your convenience.

Fellow Commissioners and friends,

As you may not follow my story, I wish to inform you of recent developments in my healthcare as this has been the primary task I’ve assigned myself since the 15th of last month. With the current cost of my healthcare nearing one million dollars and the inability of Henry Ford to take necessary action for me as a patient, it was necessary for me to influence them to do, so lest the continuing and snowballing cost of my healthcare roll onto the shoulders of every citizen of the State (via the cost of my income-based State provided insurance, as I have been and remain unable to work) and have my healthcare be forever dictated by the resources of that system, which we know are limited at best compared to the blue care network.

My efforts, publicized at, have bore fruit. As of yesterday I was contacted by the Regional Director of Orthopedics for Henry Ford scheduling a time for my surgery before the end of the year when my County blue care insurance and income run out and my continuing problems would have fallen to our taxpayers across the State. As a Republican, through and through, I could not tolerate that eventuality.

With the recent development I will be able to remain in Michigan and receive my surgery on December 21 at Henry Ford in Jackson. At that time I will be anesthetized and unable to fulfill my capacity as Commissioner for the day and through my recovery, essentially at that point, the remainder of my term, unless I’m needed for an emergency of some sort.

With that said, I apologize for my recent absences and inform you all that I do intend to be present for the remaining meetings of the year.

Thank you.

Jeromy Alexander
County Commissioner

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