Don’t forget to set the title.

After a busy day yesterday – well lots of busy days lately, I ending up writing and publishing my daily post one minute before twelve. Granted, as always I feel free to proofread my content, and usually do the next morning. Though, I do have some established rules for that, even if mostly unwritten and subject to my own interpretation. Essentially, I do not change my words – or specifically, the intent of my words. Though I may edit (re-arrange, re-spell, re-punctuate,) however to add a new thought, I either add an “EDITED:” mark with my new thoughts, or usually add a link to a new post to review the previous one.

However, I was not editing or proofreading my work until midnight, waiting to publish until it was perfect, rather I didn’t begin writing until past eleven, and in the last few minutes I had to cut my story short to meet my own deadline. Published with less than a full minute to spare, then I spent the next ten minutes editing the typos I didn’t even have the time to check for. And worst, although I had more stories and details to give in that post, I was not able to add them after midnight, or fix the title I forgot to add before I published.

So, I have a problem.. perhaps I should not wait until eleven to begin my daily adventure post? Perhaps even, it would be a better and more accurate post, if I wrote all day long, adding and adding to it, until at 9pm (my Journey post reminder time.) Then just open the draft, proofread and publish? It sounds good, so I am going to try it today – which is why it’s only eleven am.

I captured any new photographs or stories in person the last few days, however a good friend of my Nikki Nik is herself an accomplished author in my mind – sharing her own real good’ish stories on Facebook – and I was able to read one of hers last night on Facebook. With some quick commenting and replies, Nikki agreed to let me publish her story here on this site.

Before it happened, I hadn’t even considered guest authorship here, however seeking out good’ish stories must certainly imply that they will not all be mine and although I can absorb and relay other’s stories, no one can tell a story as good as the person who owns it. Okay, enough chatter for now.. I’m gonna go work on the list, and will write more later.

Ha! Work on the list.

Okay, it is quartet til eleven pm now, and gladly I did get some things off the list, laundry and getting the vertical HF antenna taken down.  However, it seemed the majority of the day was taken with more immediate priorities, firstly some writing that had to get done – and as you may have noticed, I’m quick to jump on those tasks lately.  I really do need to make another healthcare post, maybe even a weekly feature, sorry, tangential thought.

To keep all these links together, here are the two posts from yesterday and then additional replies and responses today.   Commissioner Corey Kennedy refused to respond to my last email to his clarifying questions, while moving the discussion with false information to Facebook (see links below.)  Allow that certainly makes the task very difficult for me as right now I’m balancing between two virtual worlds.

I have well, me.. my phone number, my email address, messenger accounts, twitter, you name it and notifications to match a thousand people in Jackson.  All entangled with reams of data from years past.  How do I get rid of decades past client birthdays on my calendars when my calendars sync on seven devices?  You can’t, I’ve tried, I’m done. My Facebook, authorized for dozens of pages, reminders of the best and worst times over thirteen years.. my first Facebook account.

That is all on my desktop, now I’ve got a new laptop with a new phone, and my official email account is on a different iPad.  Ugh, my head hurts just thinking about it.  Of course to see anything well, I need it on the desktop with my 47″, so I tend to email documents around to myself a lot.  Always have actually, my Gmail account is a reservoir that has quenched me many times.  Today, that system faltered on a few levels.

First I noticed emails from my gmail account were getting blocked from entering my County account, caused me to have to shuffle them to another email account I use on that iPad, and copy/paste from there.. I’ve gotten the hang of typing again (obviously) but nothing bothers me more than having to retype the same thing.  I’d much rather post links to what I’ve written.  That worked for the last email exchange, but once it went to Facebook I had the same issues, just with the new medium.

Trying to avoid my readers the confusion of having to chase a conversation all over the place, I tried my best to keep every posted and up to date in the politics column, and with the volume of posts I think, I need to think about feed management..  How many readers can I expect to keep up with the volume that I type.. and perhaps might begin to ignore to many shared posts.  How do I highlight my own highlights?  Ha, how could I identify them.. Ahh, tangent.

A Facebook from Corey Kennedy.. and reported?

If you want to change your words dont use email/

My original email dated December 13, 2022

Response from Corey Kennedy

Response from Phil Duckham

If any one has ideas, let me know.. I think I’ll continue to type and update the way I do, however I won’t share them perhaps all day long, then in the nightly Adventure post I can share the things I wrote that day.. hmm, I kind of like that, meta writing, writing about writing, while writing.  Again future projects once I’m under way next week.  It’s exciting to think that a week from now.  168 hours exactly.  I will be somewhere else, not Jackson, not Michigan, yet not home either.

Next Friday night journey post will be the first written on my way home, wherever that may be.

In between all the writing today, I was going to go over to AT&T and start the long tedious process of manually transferring a phone number as a customer in a phone store.  There is a twenty minute way the County could do it, however, I don’t seem to be getting many responses there. Oh, well.  And I still need to get my eyes checked.  My glasses are about ten years old, and sometimes I reach to put them on when I’m already wearing them.

Those errands didn’t get done though, as my son stopped over to visit me – a welcome trade of events.  An hour visit, him excited for his vacation from school, eager to fill me in on his school work and grades over the semester.  And more plans made to visit friends before I go.  Three days left to plan, to pack, to sort or whatever I’m going to do.  Tuesday is reserved to pack the car and drive to my final Board of Commissioner meeting.

Big day, and stressful.  The exact type of stress I’m leaving behind. All of it, a big ball of sh.

Then I got a text from Derek Dobies.  I hate to quote out of context – and there is so much context there – among other things, he said

“You held to your convictions and that’s honorable even tho we may have disagreed sometimes.”

And that is a lesson that repeats.  I am leaving Jackson, but not all of it.  Politics is a big ball of shit, but not all of it. Even some politicians, when they don’t know what’s going on, presume the best and respond nicely.  I do love Derek, and there are many stories yet to be told from this perspective.. just a guy from Jackson.  Ha!  Remember that time I got elected?

Best part of the day came last, if you check that image at the top, my faith in humanity has been restored! The people of Jackson (and across the US) are more interested in my friends blood hemorrhaging birth story than than are about Corey Kennedy’s political issues. Way to go Nikki!

Time to rest.

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