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If you’re following along, Corey Kennedy has now jumped over to commenting on my personal Facebook wall.

And this is how some people operate.  Speak loud, speak fast, speak from false authority – yet, don’t stick around to answer questions or bring clarity to your comments.  To me, it is honestly frustrating, it always has been in fact.

Generally over my career, I’ve been a problem solver – an outside problem solver.  When I got called into an office to identify or fix a problem, I did not care that the faulty router was installed by Bob, nor that Bob spent all weekend working on it to make it kinda function.

Once I evaluated a situation and would diagnose a problem with Bob’s router, sometimes Bob would get upset and defend his work.

Now I would have another problem to diagnose and solve, Bob’s resistance to change that assumes his own error.  Bob is a nice guy, so I tend to use soft words, yet at the end of the day, I must tell my client they need to pay me to fix Bob’s router.

And that, in my mind, is the problem.  Not the time spent to diagnose and fix the router.  The extra time to diagnose and fix Bob’s feelings.

Bob is not a real person.  Corey Kennedy is.  He’s also a member of the Board of Commissioners, who direct the Administrator, whom is the administrator for my employee medical insurance, in my role as an employee of the County.  Yet, no honest answers about my benefits.

Is the County, though its Commissioner Kennedy trying to influence me not to use the Medical and Vision coverage I’ve paid for?

Does Commissioner Corey Kennedy feel the same way about other County employees that use their insurance or claim their disability or pensions?

Trying to keep up with a moving conversation is difficult, dodging questions is firm sign of a person who does not have truthful answers, I still have a reply to type and post for his, I think third reply on the second Facebook post.. but it’s hard for me to keep strait.  I am brain damaged after all..

For completeness, all the Commissioner Corey Kennedy and Commissioner Phil Duckham posts:

Don’t forget to set the title.

A Facebook from Corey Kennedy.. and reported?

If you want to change your words dont use email/

My original email dated December 13, 2022

Response from Corey Kennedy

Response from Phil Duckham

So much for my Saturday morning.. oh well, this stuff will be all done soon enough.  Time to get ready for lunch with my sister.. see you later!

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