If you want to change your words; don’t use email.

Writing a good story, letter or email is difficult. You have to type it, edit and send. Once sent, your words are final. After that, you must stand behind your words and defend them or or admit if they are wrong; though you can’t take them back.

If you receive a difficult letter that challenges your beliefs, I recommend taking a deep breath, a quick smile, read it twice, and reply line by line. And be sure to read your own words twice, because once an email is sent, your words are preserved in FOIA stone.

One issue I have with politics – and all my issues are with the system or our use of the system – is unfair debate. If a person sends you an email, then send them one back. However, if you can not respond in kind – why jump platforms and try to create a false narrative?

Conversations, if continued always lead to truth. I don’t understand, if Corey Kennedy says my email is full of errors – why he won’t reply to point them out? If he encourages people to do their own research, why wouldn’t he want people to read the full story here?

Follow along yourself with the original email, and both full replies, and my responses.

I am still monitoring for more messages and will update here accordingly – however, keep an eye on Facebook too, as it seems Kennedy wishes to take the conversation there.

My original email dated December 13, 2022

Response from Corey Kennedy

Response from Phil Duckham

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