The birth story of River Ray

Probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever made.

She’ll be 6 years old in a few months, and I’ll be turning 14(emotionally)🤙🏽.

I tried so hard to keep her inside me, that it actually worked for a while. At least that was my OB’s theory, that I didn’t trust my surroundings or want to subject her to them. He called it a “stress response”, or something.

So he had to induce me, break my water, cut me from hole to hole and rip her out. “She’ll release her meconium inside of you, if we wait any longer. It’ll infect your uterus and kill you both.” he warned me.

She gestated for 10 stressful months, that’s too long. My hips didn’t seperate, my body didn’t do anything it was supposed to; I hemmoraged, all over the delivery room.

I’m talking ceiling, walls, floor; blood bath. Funny enough, she did shit inside of me(meconium), right at the last minute. Like the best prank of all time, her original:

“fuck you ma! Get me out of here, I ain’t scared!”

I had her at the classiest of joints of course, where I was born actually. Southfield providence it was, and the room came with complimentary after birth ants, scampering across my innards on the tile. I was ghost white, watching them march through the battlefield when she first cried.

Frankly, I was pissed that I didn’t die, when they brought her to me.

They set her on my stomach and she lifted her head up to look at my brother in law Leo, with her jet black eyes and blood stained skin. He got chills, because of her neck strength and discerning glare. “Miracle of life” my ass!

Birth is straight out of a science fiction, horror film. I had no connection to my child, I remember looking at her for the first time like “Huh. So that’s who was in there.” She was just that, a parasitic stranger to me.

Eventually I found my lust for life and got to know her truly, but before that time we incurred a lot of damage. She’s seen some shit, in utero and out. She’s lost a lot, knows too much, and struggles with tasks others consider mundane and natural.

Yet she’s one of the kindest, most empathetic people you’ll ever meet.

Her eyes light up if she’s taken part in anyones smile or laughter. She helps others, every chance she gets. She doesn’t understand people who are mean, or why anyone wants to hurt someone.

Truth is, some people choose to be assholes because of what life has done to them. Life doesn’t make you an asshole- you, make you an asshole. Here’s to rising above, heres to kicking and shitting your way out; no matter what awaits you on the other side.

Here’s to River Ray🫶🏼 Survive=>Rise=>Thrive.
Oh you didn’t wanna hear a birth story?
We’ll it’s after midnight, stay off my page 🐺🔮🚬

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