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 Jeromy  January 5, 2023  0 Comments on LIFE

Today was an interesting day.  Challenges and triumphs.  Some small doubts and some major reassurances.  A crazy morning, that I had to stop and type…

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My walking stick

 Jeromy  December 19, 2022  0 Comments on My walking stick

(See enlarged photo.) I’ve you’ve followed my stories the last few days, you’ve seen me mention my walking stick a few times lately.…

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Special Tribute

 Jeromy  December 16, 2022  0 Comments on Special Tribute

A special tribute given to me on November 23, 2017 the night of my last City Council meeting.  At the same time, Derek Dobies was…

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A note to Homefront Magazine

 Jeromy  December 8, 2022  0 Comments on A note to Homefront Magazine

Sent via Hello! I am Jeromy Alexander, the photographer of Sara’s skydive. I apologize as I have created an image of her article that…

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 Jeromy  December 7, 2022  2 Comments on Kaileen

Well, the car is still in the shop (though with good work being done, and now adding the A/C to the list!) and today I…

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 Jeromy  December 6, 2022  1 Comment on Red

As my car is still being worked on, so I’ve been ‘homebound’ again lately.  Well, kinda.  I can walk and can easily get to the…

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Photographic Goals

 Jeromy  December 5, 2022  0 Comments on Photographic Goals

I love to take good photos of people. I love to capture a true smile, as they are rare. (See here for one of my…

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Community Video Project

 Jeromy  March 15, 2020  1 Comment on Community Video Project

Stand up, be counted! Census 2020. This was a phenomenal event to witness and take part it – all photos and footage were taken during…

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Station & Bridge

 Jeromy  January 3, 2019

Scoping out some photo session locations..

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Fall Festival

 Jeromy  September 16, 2016

Learning to shoot colors and motion with my new Nikon!

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Dahlem Center

 Jeromy  April 23, 2016

Always a good day for a walk through the woods.

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New York City

 Jeromy  April 5, 2016  1 Comment on New York City

What would you do with a one day vacation in New York City?

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