A note to Homefront Magazine

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Hello! I am Jeromy Alexander, the photographer of Sara’s skydive.

I apologize as I have created an image of her article that included my photo and of course linked it to the full article at your website and I had hoped to more of Sara’s work for people to follow and read. Also, it was and is my crowning achievement as a photographer from Jackson, my centerfold work. Even if just by being in the right place at the right time, 14,000 feet 😉


I have recently resumed writing myself and am no longer skydiving after an incident in Florida earlier this year. In the process of brushing up my own website, JeromyAlexander.Com, I noticed that on my page:

Centerfold photo!

Where I use the above image, the link I point my readers to:


Is no longer directed to the full article written by Sara, as I realized the link I used was a generic link to the top featured stories on the home page.

So that I might most fully accredit Sara’s work and the work of the entire magazine, et all, may you share with me a better link to the full work, so that I might replace the one I am using which currently points to a wonderful article by Linda Learman.

Thank you

EDIT: Having heard no response by 12/16/2022, I’ve posted an image of the original first page of the story by Sara Hilton below and I will leave the link to Homefront’s third current article above, however it might change over time.


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