Maybe a cargo hitch

I was starting to get a little worried about space. Yes, I plan to pack light.  However, I have a Mustang.. and the GT package was not a space enhancement. So with a little more shopping on Amazon, I found a bolt on hitch kit and a cargo rack that should hold another 18 cubic feet or so? Depending on how I pack and secure it I suppose.

The parts arrived a few days ago, though my car had already been sent to Jay for repairs, which now completed we’ve moved on to the next step, the air conditioning. It worked pretty well when I first purchased it and went out a year or two ago. That will be nice to have where I’m going.

With my temporary wheels today I was able to drop the part off to him – and get a good photo of him at the same time.

Yada. Yada. The day went on. I only have twenty three minutes.

Fedex arrived with my package from KEH! I’m really glad I thought of this the other night. The photos you see on this page were taken with my iPhone and yes they look well enough to me. However, the new Sony E 35mm f/1.8 OSS will make some for some much nicer ones. Also, as a fixed lens – there is no zoom.

If I want a closer or further shot of something, I will have to walk up, climb up, crawl around, or fall down over whatever object was silly enough to put itself in my path as I proceed to capture my target. Something else that I’ve mentioned in passing here is the phrase “nifty-fifty”.

This usually refers to a fixed length 50mm lens on a full frame camera. The A6000 is a “crop-sensor” or APS-C as it is technically called.  I will write more on this soon, yet my deadline approaches..

Let’s add time management to the take-off list? NOO, then I’d have to do it, and I can’t even stand the sorting right now.

Time to rest.


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