Take off – December 12th

After a great week with a very long weekend full of work on the list, updating this website, typing, errands, family, visits, sorting and more sorting.. and then a final bit of typing last night. On with the list:

  • Car – Brakes, Door, Suspension, Wheels, Rims, Oil Change, Tune up, A/C, Hitch

Door is done, suspension is good, tune up is set, Rims still next (and technically could be done underway,) and added A/C and a hitch to the list. Both should be done in the next few days.

  • Radio – QTH Digipeater, Mapping Website/APRSC server, Mobile Digipeater

Was able to get the QTH Digipeater online, still working on a few bugs though almost done with the new APRS mapping server, and some progress and some work to finish on the final mobile digipeater.

  • Healthcare – Ankle care, Implant removal, (historical records, current issues)

My ankle continues to do well – in fact, so much that I’ve started to notice how weak the rest of my leg, knee and calf still are.  Although I can walk without the boot now easily, I use it more than half the time, as with it I can put a lot more force to work my knee – one final appointment tomorrow and I expect that to be the end of the formal treatment of my ankle, after just lots of exercise.

After a lot of prayer this year, a letter or two and some writing last week, I received a call from the Regional Director of Orthopedics of Henry Ford this very morning to inform me that although my target date of tomorrow cannot be met, I am now scheduled for a local surgery to remove my implant next Wednesday, 12/21/2022.

As for the typing of the records and such, I’m going to put that on the back burner for the moment, as if I can leave Jackson with my implant removed I have a much less need for the past records, with no ongoing issues..

  • Family/Friends – Visit, connect

Great week in this regard, it’s a little different to spend time with a person when you know it will be the last time you’ll see them for a while; more to come while I’m still in town.

  • Clean and Pack – Ugh, the horror, must I, can someone please, okay, okay, I’ll do it so I can go.

I didn’t even want to comment on this last week, however I did make some progress as I can’t pack the car yet and I hate to clean.. I did find myself okay with the task of sorting what would come and what would stay.

  • Supplies –

I hadn’t even thought of this really, that I might not yet have some things that I would need – as this is not going to be a remake of “Into the Wild”!  However, amazon has come through wonderfully, so I think I’m set now.

  • Settle Debts / Return items – Ankle Tumble Board, City Tax Man

It still ended up being pretty easy with the help of a few friends; one last errand to go to return the tumble board, and a few invoices in the mail to remind me that all taxes are not being escrowed, however another email to the tax man and a trip downtown to pay the bill will take care of that.

  • Check / Re-check – Refresh and repeat the take of list each monday

See how far I’ve come since last monday? Is there something else I need to add?

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