A penultimate doctor visit.

This was a big day for the journey! As my primary earthly goal at the moment is my own health; it is necessary that I ensure I have a team in place, able and willing to respond to my needs as and when presented. And either I have that here in Jackson or I do not – and that was the basis of my visit with my primary doctor today (same doctor I’ve had for years in Jackson.)

I can honestly say my mind and my hands are exhausted after the last two days of typing and a very information-exchanging dense ninety minute doctor appointment; and the first one this year that my doctor has experienced me of sound mind and body (no drugs, and I can stand and pace – think – while we talked) and I came prepared with my notes.

This journey will be about a lot of self expression and a lot of words that I always try to say – but sometimes can’t. Each doctor visit this year I’ve tried to speak my full mind – as dulled as it’s been. However, to anyone that has been reading here – and anyone that has ever spoken to me in real life – I can literally talk for hours.

Seriously – I once timed myself talking for nine and half hours straight while holding a “Vote Jeromy” yard sign at the St. Joseph Oratory Polish Festival in 2017 (with hundreds of persons over the day.) This being the case – it’s hard to find people to listen. And when you’re speaking with a professional that has many patients to serve (versus a hopeful politician trying to earn votes,) it’s hard to get that much time.

Hence, another good case for writing. I delivered these printed to my doctor today (and digitally, twenty minutes before our appointment today,) which he was able to read in five minutes — that I had spent hours over two days to write and edit and clarify to my best ability.

This is also the use case I think, for clear and effective communication and even a clear written record for others to follow along. From this beginning we had a thorough and complete discussion of my issues and examination of my body as needed. Today I feel good and I know I should feel good about my care at the moment. My doctor did request at least one more visit personally with me before I leave town – which I of course granted with the additional option to stay for as much of my care as he is willing to provide.

Having no more capacity to think or type (Ha! Over four hundred and thirty words in!) I thought hard about what to write on my journey today, and the only thing that resonates is the truth. This was my day. Well, this above and the contents of my letters that I wrote and the knowledge I received, and we will see by the next visit, the actions my doctor and Henry Ford will take. So having this all in my mind today, and room for nothing else, and a commitment to share a whole story – which ever story I chose to share for the day. Below are my letters to my doctor.

20221201_letter_to_dr_bell (PDF)

20221202_dr_bell (PDF)

I have shared some of these stories with every person that will listen to me – and I try to limit myself to what they can absorb. Truthfully few (if any) people that ask “How are you doing?” actually want all the details. Though I expect my doctor to be one of those people.

For anyone that wants to know my full case at this moment in time (one day shy of forty seven weeks after my original incident,) and so that this will be the last time I have to tell this portion of my story, as now I’ll have a link to share, I choose to share it all with everyone.

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