A truth sandwich from just a moment ago

Just sharing a bit of truth I just read on another website, writingforums.com.

Yumi Koizumi said:

The most important thing in anything that you do, is not doing the thing. The most important thing in anything you do is learning something from it. When you fail or when you succeed, if you have nothing left to learn a lesson from, then that is in fact the definition of wasting one’s time. Time is never wasted if you learn something, even something small. You can never learn too much about yourself and your interests.

I love when a bit of writing or a response to a person or a topic goes beyond the asked question or given stimulus, and provides a simple truth that can be quoted beyond the context of which it was given – to me that is the true JOY of writing: having written something universally TRUE. –Or is the joy to share it after written?

This paragraph, hidden between the two others that applied only to the context, goes beyond response required and teaches something true; delivered in a truth sandwich if you will. Just a forum post, I know; and I also wanted you to know I love the truth of your sentiment that you have shared with us.

Lets learn something!

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