A day writing to doctors

There is only one thing I want to work on right now.. and I am not letting myself do it yet.

First, I will write, then I can play. I won’t write much today, as my fingers have already had their workout today, writing on another letter to my doctor.

This year has been a roller coaster for my medical care- it is legitimately difficult for me even to keep track of the changing array of symptoms I’ve had at any point this year. And mostly I am happy that I’ll be able to stop thinking about it – once I have a few final answers from my local primary doctor in Jackson. Tomorrow have an appointment with him, and today I am preparing my notes for him.

Depending on how the appointment goes will be my next decision; to stay long enough for Henry Ford to complete their care of me or to make my way to Florida post haste. I am ready to get these spare parts out of me!

Sorry for the short post – it appears I have attracted some readers and I do hope you are finding my story interesting! Though it may not seem like much of a report, the answers my work will hopefully produce tomorrow, will help me clear my biggest hurdle right now. Need to “tie-up” my healthcare situation cleanly here and be ready to transfer to wherever I’m going next.

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