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I suppose we could call this a ‘stub’ as there is a good chance, if you are quick, it won’t seem like much of a post yet. So far today I’ve worked on adding content from another site,, were I now have several posts on amateur radio here. Next I’ve been working on enabling the comment system to allow users from facebook & twitter share in the same conversation here on my site, if they chose too. To that end, although I still have not written a page for the site (my book?) yet today, I do need to create and publish a post to test the comment system, if this is the only paragraph you see – please come back again before the end of the day to see the whole post! Thanks.

Okay, that was enough fun for the day, added a lot of imported content; a digital reduction to match a physical reduction – and added a Facebook compatible commenting system – should any readers like to join in a conversation with me here. Now, on to the days writing:

Several thoughts occurred to me joyously after I decided I would be leaving; two of them were: “And I don’t even have to plan anything! Hooray!” and also “Or even take any tech stuff with me! Hooray!”. The first joy was expected as I hate planning and the second surprised me quite a bit – technology has been a major focus for me over the last several decades. Yet also, my own stumbling block.

How easy it was for me to spend most of the day (well, as efficiently as I seem to get things done) working on this website, going through the administration options -though the commenting system was a great improvement for the day – I did not spend the day drafting this post in my mind. Actually, in my mind I didn’t spend the day working on the website either – I think that was just to keep my fingers busy – and not typing what was on my mind at the time.

Part of my struggle with writing has not only been lack of stories to tell, rather the lack of courage to tell the ones I know I want to share. Even now in my mind as I think of the stories that will be told, I wonder how this slow daily process will work for them, do I reveal a punchline then explain it? Build to a crescendo that I know is coming at the end? A slow process to draw out surrender from myself before I might finish them?

And that is the problem with technology – I will need to let myself be a user of technology – not an administrator so much anymore. No longer do I have to work in a world of frustrating code to get an old plugin to work or fiddle with server optimizations. My role on this site is not as it’s designer or developer – I am the author here. Perhaps hard for me to express, but the thought feels strong to me. Though- the site does need a new theme design – so I’ll have to split duties somewhat (Edited later tonight to add: New theme done, I like the new columned layout!) However, I have a great sense that once I finish these last few tasks, my focus on the road will be writing, and when I’m not writing, to draft in my mind what I will write.

Truly, I do thank God for leading me on an adventure that I don’t have plan. Oh My God, thank you.

I have always hated planning, whether it’s just not been my cup of tea or my lack of organization focus – I’d just rather not. Anytime some one else will do the planning, and I can just be told when to show up or what to do, that always works just fine for me (as long it wasn’t something important to me that is.)

However within the next day or two, I found myself making a plan, and a packing list, and a few todo lists, and yesterday even, the first version of the take off list! In a way, when I have sat here at home all year, with no more plans than my next doctor appointment, I think I had really just stopped looking forward to things.

Now I feel that I have a lot to look forward to and I don’t want to get slowed down if I forget to bring my portable air compressor, my full took kit, or the proper camping and kitchen supplies. I find it odd, and smile as I do, that God instantly gave me freedom from two personal thorns, technology and organization, yet allowed me to smile again when I was able to pick only the pieces of them that I’ll chose to bring with me.

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