The take off list.

Time and time again, on this domain and even a few others, I’ve created many blogs for myself, and yet I have never been able to consistently keep writing regular content.

Part of that problem, perhaps, is that I’ve focused on writing “good” content, and yes that is still the goal; however, first I must write content, get comfortable writing content, get comfortable correcting and proofing and publishing daily.

Even today as I write this, having played this game of “i don’t know what to write” for several lines already, I can think of a dozen better things I could have said, but I digress. Rather I’ll leave it all and suggest I could have instead written a todo list or really, the way I’m thinking of it, my take off list.. what is holding me back right now?

Before the trip begins properly, I’ve sent my car into the shop for new brakes, suspension, and tune-up, next it will go to the tire store for new rims and wheels if needed, and an alignment. I’ve got few radio projects to wrap up, my portable APRS digipeater and tracker that I’ll take with me, and a few finishing touches on the now remote station I’ll be leaving in Jackson.

Other than that.. a few doctors appointments, perhaps even my next surgery locally, else that will be the first stop in Florida, and a few friends and family to visit. –I just tried to type how excited I was for the journey yet to come, yet even today still in town was interesting. I got outside on my way to see my doctor, and sadly the bus schedule had changed, so I turned my direction to start walking – just as my neighbor pulled up and offered me a ride to get there early.

My ankle fracture is healing well, and they took some more intensive xrays up to my knees this week and found an additional break in the upper portion of my fibia, giving myself a Maisonneuve fracture. Though more good news, just more calcium and time in the walking boot required, and the walking is getting much better (and also tiring and exhausting.) After the doctor appointment, the busses were off their schedule again, so rather than wait a half hour for the next one, started walking down the street, then saw Virginia Coney Island up ahead of me – and dinner sounded good.

I’m really glad I took that walk to (although the last half mile from there home felt like a bit much in the rain!) as I happened to meet a fantastic young gentleman named Cody with a friend I think I’ve met before, and was able to tell him part of my story of when I first came to Jackson and I was able to express to him how much I wish I would have had his drive to succeed at his age myself.

I hadn’t really thought of how I might take my last (for now) meal at VCI, but somehow running into someone the same age as when I first came into VCI for the first time so long ago, and being able to pass on a message that I wish I would have heard then.. yeah, that makes me happy. VCI has been tied up in a nice little bow for me.

The end of my journey today finds me still in Jackson, knowing I’m a bit healthier than I was yesterday, and the first draft of the take off list is done. Time to rest and wonder what tomorrow will bring.