Hello, my name is Jeromy.

I have always enjoyed writing as a form of self-expression, once I got to point of enjoying expressing myself 😉

The hard part for me has been to be able to write openly AND be able to share the things I’ve written – especially here in the beginning, as I’m not exactly sure all that I’ll be writing; though I know I have some stories I’ve been holding for a long time as a (now 44 yr old adult) that “left my home for my family” an emancipated minor at the age of 16, and set off to find my own path.

That path took me through drugs and addiction, into children, marriage, more children and divorce; into and out of a life as a professional skydive instructor; into and out of life as a professional elected politician, and eventually led to my own death on January 8, 2022.

With another very long story of 2022, I did survive: after more than nine months of a painful and painfully slow yet complete restorative process of healing from the very ground up of my being.

After my incident I was left with lifelong disabilities and was preparing for a new form of life that felt without purpose; several weeks ago, a series of (IMO) miracles occured giving back my health in full – and without the help of modern healthcare – only by following my own internal voice.

As I had setup the next year of my life to be able to lay in bed, continue medicate myself under the doctors plan for me; and now, that I do not need to do that; I figure I have an opportunity: an opportunity to give myself something that I have always wanted. A chance to write my story.

Instead of spending this next year continuing to slowly die trapped in my bed, I can now walk away from my life as if I had died; and write my story up to the point of my death, from the now outside perspective of having survived it.

I will appreciate the help, especially from this community that I have recently been sent towards, as although I can speak and type, and yes I’ve written before, I have never undertaken a mission such as this, and any commentary – not just on my content or thoughts and expression, but from this group – the quality of my content, the value created (or not) in being able to effectively communicate my ideas – the composition and expression and etc. Please don’t accept my writing as good to be nice, show me your corrections, and help me to become better.

With all this in your mind; my goal is to write everyday, intentionally and without goal other than to seek out and write a good(ish) story.

All this by way of introduction of me, please if you dare, come follow along on my journey:


About the Author

Thank you Aaron for the invite here today and thank you everyone for reading this: my days worth of (public) writing.

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