The Monday morning take off list

Yesterday was a phenomenal day, friends and mass – the very best of Jackson. Today I am more than ever ready to take off! However, there are still some obstacles to be worked out.. perhaps I should start with what’s been taken of the list.

  • Car – Brakes, Door, Suspension, Wheels, Rims, Oil Change, Tune up

The brakes are done, new door (to replace the internal windows regulator) is being put on, then my Mustang will get the suspension and everything else looked over before I take it back to Budget Tire to put on new rims – and hopefully no more flat tires on the journey.

  • Radio – QTH Digipeater, Mapping Website/APRSC server, Mobile Digipeater

Here is the fun stuff that I’ve been wanting to do all last week – yet priorities first. Today I’m working on the QTH Digi to get it ready to run completely remotely – and hopefully keep itself online – once I go. The mobile digipeater will be coming with me of course to fulfil it’s two purposes: 1) It has a GPS chip and will keep my vehicle’s position updated on the map and 2) it will relay packets my my HT (FT-3DR) when I’m out walking (something I plan to do a lot of) and keep those packets updated on my map as well. Which is the last portion of this project, the mapping website, also something I’m working on today – what fun is a journey where you’re invited to follow along on a website – if you don’t actually know where the person is?

  • Healhcare – Ankle care, historical records, current issues

This is the big one – the priority right now. I will go where this goal is best served. For now in Jackson, I have one more appointment to follow up with my ankle on the 13th, and as my ankle is doing great in the new boot, I expect that to be my last appointment for the ankle. However, after my primary doctor appointment Friday, I beleive I will have some cooperation to help me assemble my medical records (both Lakeland and Henry Ford) into a single document (that I will write with my doctors corrections as needed) so that where ever I go – I can stop trying to remember all the details of my care this year, and rather just give a doctor a single (if not long) PDF document to read and follow along every procedure and diagnosis that has occured. Lastly, now that I think I’ve gotten my doctor “over the hump” of realizing there are current non-treated issues, I’m hoping to have a second document with my current issues and plans of care. Lot’s of typing for this week yet to come.

  • Family/Friends – Visit, connect

There is nothing more important to me than family – I came back to Jackson the first time because of family (when my littlest sister was born, I currently in Oklahoma City, OK working for Wade Shows Inc.) And especially as I am actively cutting ties (perhaps permanently) with this place I’ve called home it is important that those that are my family know that I am not leaving them and give them the means to stay connected with me.

  • Clean and Pack – Ugh, the horror, must I, can someone please, okay, okay, I’ll do it so I can go.
  • Settle Debts / Return items – Revitive Foot Massager, Ankle Tumble Board, Angle Grinder, Hoodie?

I thought this would actually be a bit easier – as I have no unkept debts – yet put out the announcement I did, and a few markers were called! Glad I asked! Now on the list (once the car gets back) are a handful of items to return to friends. Also – I’m starting to wonder where to draw this line? The other night as the evening cooled I went and put on one of my favorite just-perfectly-oversized hoodies – and remembered when my friend Ryan lent it to me at a boogie when I was cold. Love you Ryan, you Nimrod! I may keep this hoodie.. and make you chase me down to get it back (using the map above!) just so I know I’ll see you one more time each time I wear it.

  • Check / Re-check – Refresh and repeat the take of list each monday

See how far I’ve come since last monday? Is there something else I need to add?

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