Photographic Goals

I love to take good photos of people. I love to capture a true smile, as they are rare. (See here for one of my best captures yet – I had to put my best bait on to catch that one: I sent a smile straight to his eye to let him remember for a moment that I loved him.)

I was able to take tons of photos as a skydiving videographer (about 40 Gigs of photos/video per day) and the opportunities to interview people before during and after their skydive were amazing; as a person that loves to hear stories – I can listen to “first skydive” stories all day. And most people suddenly have the gift of gab (the one I can’t turn off) and can tell a three hour story about their five minute journey out the aircraft door until they knew they were safe on the ground again.

So those are two things I still want: 1) take pictures of people. 2) interview those people.

How those two things will incorporate themselves into my journey, I do not know – other than, they will. I will bring my Nikon camera with me to keep learning (hopefully) how to take good photos. Secondly, as my stated goal is: take a picture of someone every day. I will have to put my self into a situation to simple introduce myself and ask if I can take a person’s picture. As oddly as it sounds, this is something that I am not comfortable with, yet as I type it I tingle for the excitement of that conversation. Why? Well, I’m a photographer on a journey, as I flash a big smile and go into as much of my story might help me get a photo – and there will be my interview. I imagine – can I meet a new person and write a story about their photo each day?

For now, I have this photo of the beautiful cross above – perhaps the photo isn’t great, but the object most certainly is. I just wrote the story about his cross yesterday, so I won’t repeat it now (Wow – I really like sharing links and not needing to repeat myself!)

Though not a photo of a person exactly – I know the person I see when I look at this cross – and so many more persons in His body with Him.

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