Cutting chains, one day at a time.


What is it? Where is it? How is it? What is it? Why is it?

These are questions I can talk about in my mind forever – and from several perspectives. My own, I suppose – my internal self. Also, I can look at the topic from the lessons I’ve learned in politics or religion – aren’t those the world’s perspectives? Next in my litany of questions and thoughts would be along the line of “Is Freedom divisible?” Meaning, can a person have some freedom (whatever it is,) or must a person have all freedom or have none at all?

From the perspective of my child self – freedom was not going to school. I found that freedom one day in the Fourth grade – I decided I did not want to go to school that day, and I did not go. Later that evening I learned the consequences of that choice (which, I honestly have no recollection at all what that was now!) I do recall that I did not choose to skip school again.

Did I have the freedom to make that (less than best) choice? Arguably, yes and no. Freedom of choice, yes. Though not freedom from consequence.

And that my friends – is life. We choose our actions AND our consequences. I chose to skip school and I chose to be punished for it. I did have the freedom to make that choice – and I also had the freedom to make different choices going into the future.

So far in my life, I have chose to stay in and stay connected to Jackson – this has been my social community for twenty seven years. Now I’m making a different choice – and realistically – I’m also choosing the consequences of this new action. I want to expose myself to a mindset that might exist outside of Jackson; and to open my mind fully to the future, I need to admit that I am walking over a bridge in my life – and closing my mind to the past. Though I am taking every memory of everyone I have ever loved with me – I also know that I will leave many of those same people behind here.

I hope that those I am not able to keep in touch with will follow my stories here if they wish – as I do not desire to “drop from sight” in Jackson, rather I want all of Jackson (and the people it contains) to know that I am well on my way to my next adventure. To this end the time came today to cut a very thick chain to Jackson – my Facebook profile – a collection of my personal community in Jackson. Not knowing the “best” or “right” way to do this… this is how I did it: With a new profile and two messages today, one from the old, one from the new.

From my now old profile:

This Facebook profile is chain to Jackson that needs to be cut and removed from my life at the moment. I do however hold true to the fact that I should be accountable for the words I write, hence I will not delete this profile, as it is in part a reflection of me from 2009 through this current year.

Mostly I will not delete it because I value too much the friendships and other various relationships I’ve developed with each and every person that I have requested or approved to be my “Friend” here. Although I have to say “not right now” that does not mean never.

However, all should know, this profile is no longer connected to my person – though I do not have the will to stop using Facebook – silly videos entertain me sometimes – and I have been writing a lot that I want to share with those that are still close with me.

To that end, I’d like to introduce my new “Friend”, me!

Jeromy de Jackson (Jeromy from Jackson)

If you’ve seen me in person this year, please consider sending me a request or approving the new friend requests that I have sent.

Thank you!

And then from my new profile:

To help with my journey a clear mind is needed, a quiet place to think – and still I need a place to share my journey with my friends and family.
In 2022 my main Facebook profile of over 1000 friends means I had a non stop feed of some sometimes rude and toxic political behavior. Combined with notifications of all the pages I’ve managed over the years and constituent messages, so so much more- I pulled the plug.
I surrender and I retreat.
A new Facebook with only the friends and family that have been there for me this year – so that every post I read can make me smile, as I will know it came from someone that cares.
With a redefinition of who I want on my profile, it seems more effective to start a new profile rather then try again to “prune” the old one, and this will also allow me to return to it, if I’m ever ready for that.
Here, even if we don’t talk everyday, you can follow along with the conversations in my mind as I write about my journey every day. Welcome my friends!

Later, I added an edited note to the message on the old profile:

<– EDITED BY JA, 12/10/22 ——
To clarify, I maintain access and security of this account and I welcome your messages; any posts, comments or replies made are authentically me and I welcome your engagement in conversation on my wall or private messages if you choose.
All messages will be read and appreciated, however not all will receive a response in like kind. Any responses may be sporadic and delayed at best, and I encourage everyone to follow along as your messages and information may inform my outlook and opinion as expressed on the JeromyAlexanderCom Facebook page linked below, and most directly on the website. Thank you.
———– END EDIT —————–>

Will the consequences I have chosen match my desires? Will I achieve a positive Facebook feed? Is that even possible? There was only one way to find out. Now, we shall see!

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