There are many stories I like to tell – mostly because, I suppose, because I like to talk. I try not to say that because I don’t think I like how it might sound to others. Seriously does it sound like a good thing if someone says about another that they “like the sound of their own voice”? Honestly, I do not like the sound of my voice: but I do love true conversations.

Conversations where you get to learn something new. Perhaps a new skill you want, or piece of new context to help you better use or apply the skills you have, and if you are a an observant student, you can always learn something about the person speaking. For their story will be unfolded from their perspective and through the lens of their experiences. I’ve sometimes had the opportunity to listen to someone speak on the topic I’m already knowledgeable, and I enjoy it all the more to learn a new way of explaining or thinking about something I already understand. To me I think, the trick is in the analogies.

And those are best in one on one conversations when the speaker is able to customize his delivery for a single audience member. To be able to watch just one person’s eyes for that hint of an idea understood – or the still glazed look meaning you need to find a new analogy to get your point across. This – not the speaking – but the understanding is the goal. I know my story, if someone reads what I have written, will they then understand it as well as I do?
Ha! I just imagine the details it would take to truly recreate my memories!

As my goals is to write each day – and not even myself, much less anyone else – is likely to be entertained, or will stay that way, if all I do each day is type random string of mumbled words. Some days will be like this, other days, I will be ready with stories to tell. And to that end, today’s contribution: A list of some of the stories I plan to write and publish soon – though I haven’t quite decided the detail of how I will accumulate and publish each piece – I know I want to write them.

Stay tuned, here are some of the stories I yet to tell…

Why I got emancipated

Why I started skydiving

Why I stopped skydiving

The difference between Coaching and Instructing

My 2022 Full Medical History

My 2022 Full Medical Debrief

My reflections on the Pain Scale

Review and debrief of my skydiving incident on 1/8/22.

Enough for now, the day is about halfway through and it is time to go spend this Sunday with friends and break bread. Enjoy your day people – plan your next adventure!

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