A final bid for local surgery.

My biggest chain: a fourteen inch rod buried just under my skin hip to hip, anchored with two pedicle screws into the front edges of my iliums, holding in place my “full ring” pelvis reduction, it also being the first object placed inside of me under my conscious consent forty eight weeks ago tomorrow, which was due out at twelve weeks with two weight bearing weeks, approximately mid to late April. Due to various delays, some stories told and some yet to be written, the surgery to remove has still not yet taken place.

See here: the full size photo after the first two pelvis surgeries.

My best remedy, modern healthcare (almost one million dollars worth of care this year so far this year, last I checked a few months ago) is of course provided by my medical insurance policy, paid in full by myself (being elected/appointed, we Commissioners may partake in the County plan, yet only at our own full expense, whereas the County provides eighty percent of  employees insurances costs, and rightly so) almost eight thousand dollars this year, deducted from the salary earned as an appointed official being a gross of thirteen thousand dollars, less necessary taxes of course left sometimes only pennies of a take home check this year, I digress.

Hence one key reason I am leaving Jackson.  As of now I have twenty two days of my own paid insurance for which I can rightly demand treatment.  If I cannot get that treatment here, I must leave and find it in the next twenty two days – my pumpkin timer will be the ball dropping to the close of the year of two thousand and twenty two.

With the new informations as everything has unfolded over the last six weeks, new tests and procedures have been ordered, scoliosis X-ray, a repeat electro-conductivity test, I expect nothing but more delays.  Yet, here is a team of surgeon and staff, a hospital room, and now all the information necessary to perform the surgery now, if they would.

In my logic, the problem is liability.  A lot of things have been missed and some things have upset me.  Now, it’s best to cover their asses and make sure all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed.  And I do not have time for that.

Hence I have decided to offer them the same professional respect that I would have demanded upfront had they requested to step into my office – a full blanket waiver.  To anyone that skydives, the acceptance of risk is routine, it is our life in the sky; and as we sometimes learn, so is life on the ground.  I have full faith and confidence that this team will do their best and I would ask nothing more of anyone.

Yes, I also have insurance provided by the State of Michigan based on my income, and yes, I’ve paid taxes over the years – yet it is simply not right for me to expect every citizen of Michigan to foot the bill because Henry Ford can’t get a surgery scheduled for Tuesday, December 13. The last ‘surgery day’ that would meet my schedule to arrive in Florida.

Hopefully not needing an emergency surgery when I get there! I don’t claim to be psychic and recommend against it in fact; however, I’m bringing my Tylenol as I anticipate a severe burning exploding pain in my iliums the moment I arrive at the Lakeland Regional ER.

I’m told a response is coming today with my doctor consulting with his powers above.

I’m waiting patiently…………… as I write and pray.

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