Take off – December 19th

  • Car – Brakes, Door, Suspension, Wheels, Rims, Oil Change, Tune up, A/C, Hitch

Ready to go.  The A/C is installed and working.  However, found some rust and won’t be able to install a hitch.  Oh well, no cargo rack (or tear drop trailer) for me.  Rims are still on the list, those can be done on the road somewhere, have air pump till then (slow leaks.)


  • RadioQTH Digipeater, Mapping Website/APRSC server, Mobile Digipeater

Ready to go. Have the QTH Digipeater and mapping server all running top notch, now just cleaning up that corner to make it look nice.  Changed plans with the mobile digipeater, I may or may not have it operational.  If not, I’ll still be sending out my standard packets for tracking.


  • HealthcareAnkle care, Implant removal, (historical records, current issues)

Ready to go, Thursday or Friday.  My ankle is doing great, not wearing the boot or brace.  It seems to be staying a little swelled, yet I am pushing it to it’s max everyday.  The muscles in my legs are doing much better on the new muscle relaxer. My implant removal is scheduled for this Wednesday, 12/21/2022, expecting it to go well, it’s off the list now too because, even if the surgery doesn’t go through at this point, I will not stay, I would just have to go to Florida first before Texas.  This history document is off the list for now, as depending on Wednesday, my audience for it will change.  If things go well, there will be one heck of a story to tell.  If things don’t go well, the history will be concise yet accurate for indigestion by my next doctor.  I was going to get a new pair of glasses, though I suppose the old ones will continue to work.


  • Family/FriendsVisit, connect

Ready to go. I made time to spend with everyone that wanted to see me.  One more visit at seven pm tonight and I’m good to go.


  • Clean and PackUgh, the horror, must I, can someone please, okay, okay, I’ll do it so I can go.

Ready to go (what doesn’t get packed, won’t come.) Somehow I fooled myself with “sorting” and got this done.  Well half done, now I have a pile to stack into my car.

  • Supplies –  Amazon

Ready to go. I have gone though my gear a dozen times, I think I’m good.  And if not, I’m pretty sure I can find a Walmart in Texas and probably every fifty miles along the way.


  • Settle Debts / Return itemsAnkle Tumble Board, City Tax Man

Ready to go. Have the bills paid (and set on autopay,) items returned, taxes paid…


  • Other obligations and duties.

Ready to go. Final county commission meeting tomorrow, one last prayer to give.


See how far I’ve come since last monday? Is there something else I need to add? The take-off list is complete and the white board is clear. Clean and pack the car today, surgery Wednesday, drive away Friday.  My old number may or may not be coming with me, yet unknown.  Get a hold of me if you need to while I’m still here, 517-769-4745.

Next monday, if all things go well, I will be writing from a new station in life.

I am excited.

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