Centerfold photo!

Everyday I have to opportunity to interact, photograph and skydive with dozens of people… and although I always know why I’m so excited (yes, I really just love skydiving this much!) I don’t always get the full story from our guests that come jump with us.

One jump (#2009) earlier this May was a perfect example. I only met Sara a few minutes before her jump, I knew she was a reporter come to write an article on skydiving and that she was now going to skydive as a result. I could tell she was nervous and hoped my smile set her at ease.

After filming her landing, I thanked her for letting me jump with her and walked to the hangar to begin processing the video and to meet the next person I’d jump with. This time though, I got to read the rest of the story. Congratulations on your skydive Sara!

EDIT: Here also is the (as that link above is not pointing to Sara’s story, yet another wonderful article by Home Front, check it out!)

And be sure to read the first page of Sara’s story – it’s amazing!

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