A New State Record

Freedom. How do you celebrate it? For me, it’s the ability to wake up and do what I love, every day. It is the state of mind that allows us to be ourselves and to be proud of our uniqueness. This year, I had the opportunity to say yes to an opportunity to set a record.

It may not seem very special – in fact, may seem a bit weird – to non-skydivers, however this is a very technically difficult skydive. Without jumpsuits for traction, our bodies are very ‘slippery’ in the air!

Every formation skydive requires skill and trust among the jumpers; however a naked skydive also requires an added degree of maturity and professionalism. Though I hope to set many more records in my career.. I may be the most proud of this one.

7/4/21, Michigan Naked Skydiving Record: 7.