Starting at 11:59, it likely will not be done by twelve. I could have started earlier yet mentally, I just wasn’t ready to type. I woke up somewhat early, just past seven a.m., yet I can’t really say that I’ve been productive today, or at least not as much as I could have been.

I wanted to clean out the car… yet maybe I’m saving that for tomorrow. Today, I did finish the bulk of my psychology reading – 117 pages for the first reading assignment. Looking ahead through the course, there appear to be six modules, so at some point, I’ll be looking forward to four more large reading assignments.

I considered skimming the material, yet it really interested me too much. Three chapters, the first on the biology of the brain, the rest of the CNS, and the PNS. Then chapters on perception, detailing all the ‘five’ senses and how they all work chemically and electrically to combine into human thought. I was somewhat surprised with the breadth of the material, for only being the second week into the class- yet, this is college, and I should expect the pace to be quickened.

Not only did I not skim, I read for comprehension, reading and re-reading many sections to ensure I had a continuous flow of thoughts. If nothing else, I hope to be well prepared for our student presentation group meeting in the library tomorrow. Although I was able to complete the reading- which, perhaps I should note: the reading was not too bad on my laptop- mostly as this textbook provider has a nice UI for their content, automatically filling the screen with content side to side leaving the reader to scroll, and scroll. Actually, it may have been better than turning pages in a book. With a laptop, I was able to prop it up to an ideal reading angle while curled up in my chair.

Yes, a lifetime of practice has prepared me to curl up in my chair with a good book, yet textbooks are a bit more than a cozy paperback. In any case, I am curious how my memory will be affected. In the past, though my memory is not eidetic, yet I often remember the placement on a page or the font of the text I’m trying to recall. How will my mind ‘geolocate’ the memories on an endless scrolling webpage? To be safe, I went only and found a paperback copy of the text. Expected to be here tomorrow, I hope it arrives before I need to leave to get to the library meeting. I am already certain this will be my most challenging class this semester, and I want to have every resource available that might enable my success.

Okay, so I was able to finish the reading, but not straight though. The plan was to get distracted cleaning the car, instead I switched over in my Canvas interface to some of my other classes. I hadn’t noticed it before, yet there are two writing assignments that will be due in my personson fitness course (HPF-161,) before the end of the semester. The second is a review of our goals and progress for the year- I suppose that will have to wait. However, another due in five or six weeks, was just a one page paper with a single source.

Typing is apparantly my secret college skill. I can’t be assured of the quality, yet what does it matter? Any paper turned in will be graded and corrected according to the standards expected from 18 year olds. For most classes, any paper turned in is for draft review. Easy. Here, let me pump out a thousand words, the teacher corrects it, adds suggestions. Re-open document, make changes, submit, recieve A grade.

Simple, right? Well, we’ll see how it goes, yet really it is a huge advantage I believe… well, maybe it’s not the typing directly and rather whatever has opened up inside of me to let the words flow. Maybe psychology class will help me figure me out? FInished off the second half of a batch of spaghetti. Usually it lasts three or four days- this batch, two. Suppose all this homework has me eating like a college student.

Time to rest.

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