Skydive Incident – Update #9

Well I really broke a leg Tuesday night!

After an eventful day, I was stretching two muscles that have been constantly ‘toned’ since my original incident, the outside muscle on my lower left leg and the muscle/tendon(?) between the heel and ball of my foot. As I got the point of the maximum stretch and holding, I felt something pop painfully in my ankle and I collapsed in severe pain (and had to remember it this time!)

At the same time both muscles had fully ‘released’ and started spasming intensely, pulling my foot fully and painfully up and to the left, which I also haven’t been able to do since my original incident in January.

Thinking I had just popped something back into place, albeit this pain was magnitudes above popping my hip two weeks ago, I waited a day to see if I could sleep it off then went into the ER on Thursday. X-rays show a lucency in my tibia’s median malleolus, hence soon another trip to an ortho and back into a walking boot and walker.

However, walking with the boot today, unlike when I used one before and unlike how I’ve been walking even in the last few weeks, my foot started naturally flexing the ball of my foot toward the ground as I step forward on that side and the muscles on the lower leg that had been ‘tone’ and even some of my outside thigh is all engaged as I step or stand and taking weight (about 10% on that side, hence the walker.)

I’m not sure if the stretch caused this or the pop and pain, but at this point my ankle doesn’t hurt much at all, though the new muscles being used are very, very sore… they just got woken up from a very long nap. Still a visit to ortho coming and feeling very confident I’ll be ready to run for anything but public office in four to six weeks.

This has been a long year and a most interesting path and I can’t wait to see what is next – I am reasonably happy.
Glory be to God.

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