Skydive Incident – Update #10 – Final update.

FINAL UPDATE — Incident 1/8/2022, ZHills.

Minor aches and pains aside- I did literally just do a jumping jack (one and done, for the day.)

Saw an ankle ortho doctor on Tuesday to follow up from recent ER visit last week, had been taking no chances, no weight on ankle. Doctor says no surgery needed, fitted me with quality walking boot, told me to take calcium and take it easy and trust it up to a pain level 2, come back in 7 days for repeat X-rays. I walked out and walked a half mile with no effort, no intent, not having to look at my leg anymore – my whole leg, my whole body just walks all by itself and I felt like I was just floating, floating on legs. The boot aches and is odd to walk in, but- I am walking 💯. Exercise feels so good, walking feels so good and all the pain and soreness is so in terms of things in 2021 or any other year.

I feel like I had a real sh*tty landing a few weeks ago (actually 1/8/22,) tweaked my left ankle and need to rest and baby it for a week or two more.

And it feels GOOD to normal hurt, normal pain, normal ouchies. And oddly, there is something else more than just not pain.. when I get into a right position and let myself really internally relax, I can feel all my lower pelvic floor/inside muscles relax and go “ahh..” for the first time after a ten month clench and left leg tendon extension, and it is absolutely an endorphic release- not a stretch at all, just going ‘ahh….’ inside and I’m not 100% sure if this is just in my body or also in my mind and soul, AND I feel good, really good, to just breathe and relax and smile and not hurt and be human and know that I am alive.

I am BEYOND ALL THANKFUL that my body has been fully healed and restored and is in its proper pre-incident, mechanically correct and functioning position (no more limping or spasms) and I am so much more thankful still for the 312 day journey to grow strong enough to relocate my hip (11/2) and break my tibia (11/15.)

Glory be to God Almighty that I survived until I could thrive with the help of, and a special thank you to: my best friend Jesus Christ; screw the rears, I could not have done this without you holding up my leg man – I do have more steps left in me and I will use them to follow you anywhere.

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