The Day after Thanksgiving

Preparing for an adventure or a road trip, or something.. making a list of the chains tying me down and am cutting them lose one at a time, a few weeks left to tie up loose ends.

Will be leaving town soon, maybe a week or two to take a drive and go see my doctors in Florida, maybe a month and go take my mom out for dinner in Arizona, or maybe a year to find a small dirt road on the California coast to watch a sunset, or maybe a lifetime if I found a job as a short order cook in South Dakota or decided to write my whole story down while teaching English in some third world village.

I came to Jackson an emancipated minor over 27 years ago, damaged and abused, and I found a healing here, that was slow, yet complete – and I built my life here – and I stayed to share my experience and help others.

Somehow I feel I’ve finished what I started, best I could at least, and I have seen this story arc come to completion; my body has healed from a year of physical damage, and my soul has been healed from a lifetime of other injuries – a damaged child then, a grown adult now.

I know what was looking for when I came here, health and safety, now that I have it, there is something more I need that is not here.

Everyone: Let me know if there is anything you need of me before I go, anyone that needs cared for by me, else I will be leaving soon with no plans of staying gone or returning. I will leave Jackson; I hope with all my debts paid in full to the best of my ability.

Only family will be able to contact me once I’m gone and once I find them again. I don’t plan to leave a forwarding address in anyway; will leave the dust from my heels here when I go.

Please let me know if there is anything I owe to anyone before I go. There is something for me out there and I will be going to find it.

20221125_The_Day_after_Thanksgiving (PDF)

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