Communication is simple.

Writing without an audience is more difficult for me – I must wonder to whom am I writing?

What message do I hold, how will I choose to deliver it, and why will I be delivering it?

Is a written form of communication as simple as writing – is any communication simple?


Where does it begin?

A string would do – we will both hold an end and tug when we need help.

A signal and its carrier – or perhaps you would prefer a bat light?

From your mind to your nerves and muscles stimulated and tuned to your carrier.

Sending your signal through the same system should not be too hard or too easy.

Cannot let the signal go unnoticed; Add Power, Frequency, and Intensity.

Cannot let the signal over ride; create destinations, addresses, and routes.

A bat light becomes a Death star without aim or intent.


Is my message clear?

If conventions cannot control, one must initiate carefully, as reception is not simple.

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