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The beast of our times! The court of public opinion delivered at light speed, always prepared to dish out instant judgment.

I wouldn’t call it an experiment, yet data has been yielded. In the last two weeks time this website has been exposed to over fifty-seven hundred new visitors- if any regulars have noticed a change in my tone, pace, and content- this is the reason why.

Many more details in this post and a detailed list of contents here. It’s been a few days now and I feel I’m starting to settle down. Social media is a beast, loud and carnivorous.

Those that tame it know the food it eats: information, ideas, and difficult-to-understand concepts. See easy things can be passed along in all the usual ways, like most posts, a like or two and it’s buried down the way.

Hard facts though, those need to be chewed on by the crowd. If you dare to make your message heard, there is no other place that allows such a form of communication of all different types.

With my first post on my birthday, I set off a wave of posts, comments and memes. Hundreds of participants, over one thousand reactions, many thousands of observers, and dozens upon dozens of threads- individual conversations, each to be attended to.

See, this beast is not tame: it’s human. Once you offer to feed “it/them” you must keep going or else they will eat your arm. Once I started it, it was beautiful, a conversation with a thousand voices, no longer coming from my brain.

Picking up medicine tonight, so tomorrow will be goodbye to this “full” bit of me. A little chaotic maybe, and hard to control, almost always excited, hard to communicate myself fully to anyone, and mostly just happy to sit watching friends. Well, tomorrow I will still be me, even if it will be a little quieter inside.

Phone calls, banks, medicine, insurance, pt, my head hurts and I don’t even know who I’m still forgetting to call back. I did my best to kill the list, and even I know it’ll be better soon.

Don’t do drugs. Wait, now that we’ve met you, please use this drug, and yes that one too.

A short post for my adventure today, as I plan to go to work on an assignment. It’s been pointed out to me, that without some gift wrapping, some people think Shaggy’s confession, well, isn’t.

I admit I don’t take as much time to proofread my own work as I should, yet the skill to dissect a written work is one that I do sometimes enjoy.. honestly, I’ve been waiting for someone to ask the next logical question.

Time to go.

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