Dear Attorney

Mr. Attorney,

You are a very lucky man. You are about to find out how much money one of your clients will pay to protect the other.

I accused aka Shaggio Rodriquez of at least manslaughter publicly several weeks ago in this post, (which I also shared in US Fun Jumpers,) and at the same time giving him an ‘out’ to explain himself if he was “just joking” (aka “trying to get me wet”.)

I would have done it sooner, however due his actions, I needed seventeen months of PT and OT to recover enough to achieve what I have done in the last three weeks.

Less than twenty four hours later your other client called me and offered me $5000 to retract my statements and sign a waiver indemnifying all of your clients.

I rejected his offer and asked if he wanted a counter offer. He declined and we continued to talk about the issue. Then he said he was “curious” and that he wanted to know “what I wanted”. I counter offered that I just wanted Shaggio Rodriquez out of the State of Michigan, for your client to fire him and even offered my services to temporarily replace him. He replied that he couldn’t because then he’d just get sued by your other client. I tried for a moment to educate your client on Michigan employment law to no avail. The conversation ended shortly after. As the call was made via Facebook, the logs can be provided, I also blogged it contemporaneously, and made a Facebook post and tagged your client in it immediately.

Although much more has also occurred and if you’re free (or if you charge your clients by the hour,) you can catch up on that whole story here, Shaggio Rodriquez also made a post in the same Facebook group as my accusation, that is his own public statement (see screenshot.) As such, it is in the public domain. This is my analysis of what I call his confession, please see line #23 where he admits he knows I’m telling the truth. At this point, all of my statements are my public defense against your clients false statement denying he was present the day of my incident.

It took me more time to process what his denial REALLY meant and the fact that my manager and friend would actually try to kill me absolutely terrifies me. Once I came to terms with the facts that were presented to me, I made my formal accusation public. Shortly after I sent it to the property authorities via email: Jackson County Sheriff, Polk County Sheriff, Pasco County Sheriff, and the Zephyrhills Police Department on June 30th, 2023. That email is also publicly available on my pubic Facebook Page.

Further, staff members of your client have continued to post harassing statements online after I made my disclosures. In one post making light of my injuries by offering Shaggio’s coaching services for free but “it might cost you an arm and a leg”. I have partially lost the ability to use my left arm and leg due to your clients actions.

This occurred even today as I read your letter, your clients thought it would be “funny” to have posted a video of him taking my son on skydive. Being that the matter of this case revolves around your clients’ belief that murder is not possible if the victim has signed a waiver, I take this as a threat against my family and as another intimidation tactic.

You should educate your client that no contract may allow murder.

As a human myself, I can not know the intent of another humans heart. However, I can postulate from the lies they tell. Shaggio has a choice. I want to know the intent of his heart.

If, as I believe now that he acted with motive and malice in his actions that day, he is a murderer.

If, as I now fully doubt that he acted with some brotherly love that I misunderstood, he is a skydiver.

If he acted as a skydiver, then he can make a new post in the US Fun Jumper group and admit that he was present and to give me his debrief. There is also a beer fine due of at least one case. The actual number will be determined by the USFunJumpers. If that happens I will remove the “Table of Contents” link to this page from the front page of my site, however that page itself and all the words I write will forever remain on this site. This blog is my mental protection against the TBI that your client inflicted on me.

If your client is not able to tell the truth, then I am left with my current conclusion and I am acting accordingly.

He has threatened and has nearly taken my life, he threatens the lives of my children, and he is the prime example of an attitude that I call “Shaggio” that threatens the lives of every skydiver everywhere. I must act. I will not be silenced. This is self-regulation, my actions are congruent with the Skydiver Information Manual, and from my other canopy coach, I knew I must warn the membership of the organization. I later felt my actions to warn the membership were validated by my other canopy coach. [ja, two errors corrected, restated as true, stricken removed, italics added – order of events & FFFF categorization, sim link added 7/6/2023]

Jeromy Alexander
AFFI, D-31367


I think I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. Hmm.. seriously, if I do get into college this fall. I am going to sign up for whatever “pre-law” they have at Jackson College. Then you get a “P” number.. I think that’s what it is.. ahh, it’s been years since I looked at a court document and I can almost see it… yeah, I think it is “P”, idk, I could be wrong about that.

So other than receiving my first “cease and desist” letter today (am I an official blogger now?) It’s been a really busy day. Henry is kicking into action and I received scheduling calls for four MRI’s (from my tail bone to my head bone,) and a neurosurgery appointment to evaluate and then schedule the removal of my spinal cage around T-11. Of course, that will all depend on what my syrinx has been up to in my spinal cord. Of course, I’m waiting for the surgical team’s scheduling call- I really want to get these six inch bolts out of my hip.

Tomorrow I have to call the mortgage company and ask for another forbearance period. Three more months, then.. well by then something will work out.

I could never kill a person, that is just not my heart. No worries, I’m glad I was made this way.

I can write a character out of a story. If that makes it a better story, then that is an action I’m willing to take. Shaggio Rodriquez, time to exit stage left.

Time to rest.

PS. Almost forgot to mention the bulk of the day, screenshots, oh so many.. I think it was like 60 or 65 images in the first post I made, then almost a dozen more posts.. harvesting complete, processing tomorrow— and back to Xfinity for round 3.

back to rest.

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