Shaggy’s Confession

  1. Ok, I REALLY tried to just let this blow over.

  2. I fully admit meeting with Jeromy a day or two prior to his accident.

  3. (I am sorry, I do not remember which it was).

  4. In that meeting we talked about the reasons he was not invited back as a contractor for the next season.

  5. The main reason was that he was very difficult to get along with.

  6. He needed to work on being a better teammate.

  7. To my surprise, he wholeheartedly agreed he needed to work on himself.

  8. Yes, I also told him that this decision would not effect his two son’s ability to work with us.

  9. Since the meeting went well, I asked what his future skydiving goals were.

  10. He brought up the FLCPA and talked about competing.

  11. I was never a national champion or anything, but that is a game I am very familiar with.

  12. I did walk him out to the pond.

  13. I did show him a pattern to fly in order to do a left hand 270 on the pond.

  14. I did tell him to go west. (Because it is against the rules to fly east on that pond!!!).

  15. I told him that anything over a 90 in the main landing area had to be on a hop n pop.

  16. I also told him the line I tell anyone interested in swooping (and ANYONE I have ever talked about swooping can attest to).

  17. That line is, “it is not a matter of IF you will hit the ground, it is WHEN and HOW HARD”.

  18. Wind was not talked about as someone with 2500 jumps should be able to determine if it is too windy for them to jump.

  19. I told him to be careful, we bumped fists and I left.

  20. Fast forward a day or two later, I am in North Carolina for a friends wedding celebration and I get the news that on his 4th or 5th jump of the day he pulled a 270 in the main landing area at 300-400 feet and pounded in.

  21. His own son can even verify this through a Facebook chat we had while he was in the way to see his father in the hospital.

  22. In actuality, I really do feel badly for him.

  23. He actually really believes that I was there. (anyone that was there can also verify, I wasn’t).

  24. I don’t know if it’s possibly medication/drugs or losing time from the accident and TBI but it is definitely something he needs help for and I hope that he finds it and continues his recovery.

  25. If he continues to make these accusations and blame me, I may need my own GoFundMe for lawyer fees in a slander suit against him.

  26. I WILL NOT get into an internet war with him and this will be my only comment on the matter.

  27. Blue skies everyone!!!!