A case of Labatt

I achieved more than I thought I could today. It was hard, oh God it was hard.  I’ve been wanted to do what I did for so long and I was afraid to try because I didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of it and not be able to finish, then have to use past my reserve of strength to reverse the work I’d already done.

I’ve been trying to sell my air conditioner on Facebook, it’s still listed for $250 if anyone is interested. For as long as it’s still mine though, I figured I should put it to use. I have central in the house, so I don’t need it and it is a nice one. I picked it two years ago for $500.  I was just too busy jumping that summer to be able to set an appointment and have a tech come service and refill the refrigerant.

Being that it’s 12000 btu it was sufficient to keep the whole house cool and I kept it in a downstairs window.  At the end of last summer it just stay there as I was unable to move it. Once I came back to Michigan this year, I managed to get it out of the window and somehow carried it across the room to the table, where it has sat since.

With another big thank you to Lamers, I was able to get the central air working great again this year (and oh, was it so nice to have on a day like today!) and it has been working great. However, the upstairs of my house still stays pretty warm, with the whole heat rises thing you know. Which in years past I solved this by simply using a window unit in my bedroom.

Simply… this how I would have thought about it.. just put the ac unit in upstairs. Just, yeah, just. Just put it in upstairs, you know.. just carry the 100lb unit up the stairs and dead lift into the window. I’ll shorten the story of every grunt as I made my way up. Suffice it to say my exercise for the day was complete and my muscles were giving me a euphoric feeling by time I was done. Until it was done, I wasn’t really sure if I even could. Now, my house 74 degrees from top to bottom.

That my friends, earned me some pot. Made a call to Fuel 420, the cheapest weed in town, shake ounces for 25, when they’re not out. They were out, so over to Stone Depot instead, twenty 1 gram 1:1 joints for $30. And I am beyond impressed. I started with the lightest THC one I had (four varieties) at 0.71%- now I did get to smoke the whole joint and wow, for buck and half (plus tax) I was blowed. Okay… point of order, lets get back to the day.

Not too much in the morning, light cleaning, and wow was I sore. Taking the baclofen really loosens me up in a whole new way. So while I’m doing all the ‘normal’ extra little stretches I do while do other stuff, I can go deeper and have even more passive flexibility. Like being able to set my feet wide apart and squat my butt all the way down between my legs and then… Oh, then just enjoying the position for as long as I can tolerate the stretch. Slowly pivoting my hip back and forth.

Honestly…  I’m trying to stretch my taint.  That is the part that is most tight. I can bend over and touch my toes. Tons of butterfly stretches, that really, are probably deeper than I ever have before- gosh, and they should be for all the time I spend in this position. Yet, I could not sit fly right now.

Not that I was very good with that anyway, another thing I was just working on slowing learning when I could. Right now, I can not do (without bit of painful stretch,) the “butt back”, portion of the mantra I remember my friend Kenny saying time and time again (please, correct me if I’m wrong. Butt back, chest forward, chin up….  from others I’ve picked up bits and pieces too, strong legs, heels dug in, wide open.  Strong core & relax. I just never got the jumps in for that discipline. I’m a belly guy.

Okay, enough night-dreaming there, lol.. it’s two fifty eight am.. so late… I’ve got to go quick… I’m so tired that that it’s causing me to go slow.  I am awake (barely) however it can’t be day dreaming if occurs at night, right?

Quickly now. Keep a cadence, get it done. Be predictable, follow the pattern. Be, be aggressive.

Only 784 words so far. I should have started earlier. I’ve been at the keyboard now since eleven. Doing other stuff on here too, yet mostly stretching and trying to keep myself awake to keep typing. And having to re-read. I usually/almost always re-read the last article, yet lately I’ve been typing double articles most days. With the importance of the stage we’re at, I feel I have to verify and rebrief my own self on my on self. Is that an out of body experience? Or just an out of my mind experience?

Follow the pattern, we’re getting close. I am a calm and patient person. Eyes on the runway, check your surroundings. Look at the fucking windsock, watch out for birds – clear the pattern, head on a swivel. Breathe and wait for it. Don’t reach. Slow is fast. It is okay if I am slow. Don’t type the angry words, get up and walk around talk to Him.

After breakfast and tea, my belly and my head just, just hurt. Not pain, pain. Just enough that I couldn’t focus on anything, eventually I just curled up in my chair with the TV on, try to just blank my mind. No thought-stop.

Dozing, lights still on. five oh five am

There is so much I needed to explain, so many unfinished pages of the page.  Tomorrow I need to get to work.

At the pot shop I had a great conversation with the attendant, oh telling my story from the beginning.

Leaving there, I met another gentleman who was outside about to come in, standing there looking at my car. My story again, with more details responding to his questions- he was so entertained. He wanted to know about the solar panels first, and the story went on from there.. a roadtrip.. to here, now.

Him a musican and needing some electrical service to hook up his keyboard to his vehicle for mobile services. Me explaining to him and his MIT graduate lady friend that was with him, the electrical requirements of a system needed to push a 1000 watts at 12v.

They asked and took my card made of the finest hemp, your number he asked; it’s on my page, ‘resume‘ on the menu at the top of this page. What’s that you say, you want to hear the story of a non-neurotypical guy with a limp? Yes.. yes, I do have a story behind these eyes and this limp.

Home,  I smoked the lowest THC percentage weed since I first got into Texas at the end of last year. And really, there is no way to say it.. I had an Emotional breakdown, tears and stomping through my house.

STOMPING. Putting my foot down, over and over again. Like going up that mountain, I just had to not care. Tonight though, it was not Angry.. at least not in the way I have experienced before. Something boiled up, something I let come up from below.

The saints are coming from the woodwork- so many with a true story to tell; their own testimony. Truth builds to better stories, a more full convienence of the facts. Hope, hope came up inside me- more than in a very long time.

Soon, I can hope- the penalty will be paid.

Someone owes me an apology, a handshake (more my forgiveness to him,) and 24 ice cold beers. One rule: a safety violation causing injury less than death, paid directly to the affected.

It took hours for the storm to pass, and I didn’t dare pull out my keyboard. Now, five forty am.

Time to rest.

[update: though I did not see it until much later in the day, this was the last post, published at 5:41am that Shaggy would have seen before he published his confession at 8:11am, exactly two and a half hours later.  Now, I don’t “know” that Shaggy reads my site and he probably didn’t before. However, I take a guess that he’s been watching it since my birthday.

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