How does a bird become a sheep?

Birds. Damn birds.

So all this talk about birds. and sheep. wolves.

Okay, a bit religious on this one, be warned, here is my disclaimer and my resume. and for reference I just smoked 100 mg of THC, first use in four days, I am very high (I spent the first bit annotating the differences between the high and the migraine it hides.)

So the Bible tells us to fear not the worries of tomorrow as our Father even feeds the birds, and they do nothing by fly and flock all day, seeking protection in their numbers, and hoping to be fed each day.

Not just animals either. Luke tells us “Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin;”

So basically, no one has to worry about anything.

It’s okay. Relax. Breathe. Look up and ask, how can I make this situation better?

No it’s not! Are you kidding? There be wolves.

No. There are not wolves. Though some birds make a damn good impression.

Those wolves are two things combined- a bird not flying your way and your own angel/demon: Fear.

I’ve thought before on topics like this and perhaps spoken one on one to others and have enjoyed it. I’ve never written it down with such confidence. See, Fear used to affect me- it had my number too. Yet, once I tamed my Angry angel- once I knew how to control it, I found it was an amazing litmus test for all the other angels and demons. See, as soon as I start to feel angry- I know the demons are around and I need to keep a heavy eye on my compass.

I hate to repeat myself, but:

It’s okay. Relax. Breathe. Look up and ask, how can I make this situation better?

I’m going to give a more unique disclaimer on this article: I am not affiliated with the Church apart from my own membership in it. If you are reading this material in hope to gather religious truth- I will tell you these thoughts come to me with deep contemplation, my own form of personal conversational prayer with my brother, Jesus, and a sometimes, like today, a good bit of THC; you should double check everything and identify my errors as anything that conflicts with the CCC.

For any uninitiated skydivers that might be reading this the CCC is to Catholics as the Skydiver Information Manual, the Instructor Rating Manual, the Governance Manual, and Safety and Training Advisor Handbook all rolled up into one is to skydivers.

The CCC is important and something I did not know about for many years.  I always just listened to the religious talk around the bonfire, this person opinion for this context and that persons opinion on a different issue. Yet, the CCC is a filter, it is how you separate opinions about what the Church teaches from the facts of what the Church teaches.

Now, you don’t have to believe these facts are true- only that it is true that this is what the Church teaches. (I should probably reread the section on angels and demons too.) Moving on, or actually, getting back to where we were: There are no wolves, only sheep, birds and Fear; and more to the point then, how does a bird become a sheep?

Birds, sheep, and wolves, kind of easy- they have the tool inside of them to fly a straight line, a compass pointing in one direction. If all the birds, stop following each other around and each obey their compass, well now that flock will be going somewhere all together, like sheep being led by a single good shepherd of truth.

Okay, but what if you already are a sheep following along with your flock? How might you know if they have turned into birds?  Keep and eye on your compass long enough and you’ll know if you’re flock is making navigational adjustments as they go somewhere, or if they are just flying in circles, flocking around as birds sometimes do, for the fun of it (to them.)

So, how to end this… let me read up and see the lines I through out to see if I’ve tied them all up yet or not (hmm, is this like cleaning?) I think I’ve got it in order, a small piece of insight about birds and fear, combined with the references to source materials, and several solid disclaimers.

Praise Jesus, and if you just give Him the chance, follow Him and seek out the Truth- you will soon see the beautiful vision He has for His flock too.

Time to go.


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