Internet down

Woke up at ten ten am.

Head groggy from the residual thc, combined with the baclofen side effects, all piled on to the underlying migraine.. not feeling good today.

Breakfast and tea, exercises all day, a mile walk too and saw something so cool.

Getting ready to publish the whole video of my last jump, caused an emotional response as I processed a bit more, that moment I knew I was screwed.

My tears washed away the anger, and with whatever was remaining, I wrote it down. My writing today, is still sitting on my desktop screen; it is the hardest truth I have ever written about my life.

No Internet at the moment at home (thanks Comcast) means you get this underpowered writing from my phone… and tomorrow… I’ll get the chance to proofread my own writing for the first time… oh, it’s going to be good.

Tomorrow I will publish my confession.

Time to rest.

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