No one every tells the whole truth; it’s almost impossible. There just isn’t time. In some way, depending on the type of question you ask, a person must summarize their answer in some way in order to answer in a given amount of time.

If you look a persons answer (to almost any question,) too critically, it is possible to see “errors” where they do not truly exist. Some answers are simple, and a person should be able to answer them quickly. Also, depending on the question, there may be any number of valid ways to answer a question. For some questions, there may be no valid ways to answer.

After a very restful day yesterday, I wanted to ‘hit the ground’ running this morning with some productivity. Although I had created the new photo gallery several months ago, I had had placed the link in the top navigation bar as “Photos”. I had been meaning to move that over as an item in the “For Sale” category, as that seemed to make more sense to me.

Especially, as tomorrow I am hoping to release my first book! Pending review… same message for three days, this is my first time so I don’t know if Amazon will pop up with some errors tomorrow that I’ll have to fix, or it will just pop right over to a ‘published’ state. Then, I’ll have to work on creating/editing my author page on Amazon. I am excited.

If anyone read my post from earlier today, you might recall I ran over to the SOS. By time I got there I was four minutes late for my appointment time, 12:00. I came into the office to the check-in booth and was offered a seat rather than joining the line in progress. To my left behind the roped area were two open seats. Right or left.

I aimed for the left seat. Well, until I approached, turned around and sat. Then it was the right one. To my right was a young woman, likely in the same predicament as myself, sitting at the SOS with time minutes to spare. She was early for her appointment at 12:20. I cannot recall my opening line, however we were able to pass the next six minutes with conversational ease. At 12:10, the 12:20 appointments were called to join the line. Shortly after, I saw the last person in line when I had first come in (a mother, and her apparent first time driving daughter,) where being served at the counter, and I rejoined the line, now at the very beginning of it, placed just ahead of the first 12:10 appointment that had shown up.

With the young woman, we had discussed SOS procedures, the appointment setting and such. I told a story of getting my first license, at Kuhl’s Bell Tower, downtown. I described the interior, with the cafeteria area in and to the left, jeweler on the right, and another branch of the SOS. At some point the woman’s eyes began to light up, I had mentioned it was the previous location of the Grand River Brewery and something clicked for her.

She began to tell stories of her mother taking her there when she was a young child, her words and story came slowly as if she was unwrapping a delicate Christmas gift. The conversation moved on and at one point she began to explain the meaning of the tattoos on her forearms. She had begun telling me about her work and some of the difficulties she has there, however, her number was called.

Glad to have my tags set now, I stopped at Kroger on my way home. Trying to limit myself to what I could carry inside in one trip, I was sparse and hopefully still bought enough to keep me from shopping again for the rest of the week.

A bit more Facebook time tonight and mostly just relaxing.

Time to rest.


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