Free from major error?

I am going to try to be quick tonight, I am pretty tired and would like to go to bed a little early, it’s nine fifteen right now. I had run out of pipe tobacco sometime yesterday and had thought about getting more, then I reminded myself that running out is okay. So I skipped it.

This morning began as usual and I came downstairs shortly after seven to turn on the TV and… well, usually I would smoke, since as I was out of tobacco, certainly the thought didn’t even enter my mind. The thought of going to the Tobacco Shoppe at ten when they open, that thought did enter my mind.

I sat there, kind of looking at what I’d written yesterday, kinda of scrolling on Facebook, kind of watching TV, yet I wasn’t fully awake. By time I even thought to make some tea, it was close to nine. Flicking on the pop to heat up my boiling water I brewed a fresh cup and went to go sit back down. I still wasn’t awake I told myself, I should just go back to sleep. I walked upstairs (which, now I know, with a cup of tea was not a good idea,) and took my crazy pill, yet skipped the Vyvanse as I wanted to lay down.

I had a nice hour nap and my phone went off, a message from my friend I had messaged last night. Not only had he seen my reply, he also had taken the time to read, consider and I do believe prayerfully reply to my request for correction if need be. I won’t say much for now, other than that I am leaving my apology intact as posted. In some time, I’ll have another post to explain the objections and answers that I have found so far for it.

I was overjoyed at my opportunity for conversation, even if not face-to-fave- I can easily close my eyes and picture him well. I hope to see him soon, to exchange a book and perhaps to have lunch.

I spent a lot of time today rereading our conversation, analyzing it, looking for changes as I have been with many things lately, and our conversation seemed very straight forward. The end though, came suddenly. Perhaps I had not fully realized I would be able to meet the objections? Now, I have a few paragraphs to go study (1877-1896,) then eventually a retreatment of my apology will be on my list.

Now, that would be “something of consequence” if I wrote even a single unique paper pronounced valid a Catholic teaching. Not my stated goal in the past or now, yet maybe that is the automatic effect? Write every day about my human story, keep correcting. Read and re-read, always trying to improve… the actions of my character and my skill as an author.

I’m more than reasonable happy with what I received from my friend today, at the end of our much longer conversation: “I’d go ahead and say your reading of the Church’s teaching is pretty good.” This from him, I think I am doing well.

Another friend visited today to pick up a package I’d let him receive here, he stayed to chat for a minute, and it was another bouncing conversation, which is okay, I understand. He did too and I think he could tell my mind was focused elsewhere. Before too long, he gathered his things and was gone. That sounds abrupt, it wasn’t, I’m just trying to write quicker now.

The book, yes the book, how long have I been saying this. Today I worked on the book. I’ve uploaded my manuscript for the ebook and created a cover (just using the automatic tools for the first ‘raw’ book.) I decided I do want at softcover at the initial release so I started on that and thought it would be just as easy with the Kindle Create. Maybe it is and if so, I couldn’t figure it out. I exported my ePub from there and converted it online to docx which then on my Mac I can open in Pages.

Oh, I thought writing the book would be hard, nope. Not at all. To many words, this first book is looking like 358 pages. Publishing the book, this is the hard part. And next, pricing? What to decide? Profit margins to, 35% or 70%- that’s right, Amazon lets you pick. If you get them exclusive rights to sell the book, you’ll make double the margin…

The ebook will be cheap, maybe $4.99 I think and I’m not sure about the softcover yet as I have to upload the pdf manuscript before I can move on to the price calculator portion of the publishing website.

Really though, this could be soon, maybe days from now. Reading my book (OMG, my book,) I can’t believe I’m about to publish this. Oh, this I’ll never forget.

Time to rest.



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