Altogether, it was easier than I thought. Actually it almost could have been easy if not for the cold. The weather kind of snuck up on me, as it’s all been well above my norm.  It was eighty five at the beach just a week or so ago.

The work got done, yet at a slower pace taking breaks to get and stay warm.  Cleaning as I went, I wanted to leave the site cleaner than I found it. Going along behind my new ‘big tent’- a purchase at Walmart, to be able to empty my car.. functionally, it’s my garage.

A few feet back in the bushes I spotted this can; going to grab it, it’s a good can full of beer!  Little dirty, yet we’ll see how it drinks once it’s cold. That is a well earned beer.

The car loaded, checked and strapped down by two pm, I drove across the street to the restrooms for a well earned shower. Then made my way in town for lunch and I wanted to make sure I was both well fed and had enough left over for dinner.  Smolicks drive thru.  Family special with twelve ounces of brisket, large sides of macaroni and cheese and rice, with a large Dr. Pepper.  Would I like some dinner-ware sets?  Yes, please.  How many?  just one. Delicious.

I was glad no one got behind me on the highway to the hollow. It is only at ten mile drive, yet after a stop at the hardware store- shopping til they closed at six, I didn’t get on the highway until after dark.  I’m a slow driver in these conditions, even in Michigan and I don’t let a seventy five mile per hour speed limit tell me what it thinks is safe.

I called ahead and was assigned lot twelve on E row.  I pulled in, pointed the car north and relaxed.

It’s going to be cold tonight, is cold tonight, low of thirty four.  Sleeping in the car with the mummy bag.  Now that the car is cleaned and more sorted, I can put the drivers seat further back- all the way back.

Put up an antenna and got on the radio for a little while- just the quarter wave ground plane for two meter.  Made a contact with DC.  Signed into eight two net with a relay.

Too tired, time to sleep.. will wake tomorrow and make a one day camp here. Then break camp the next morning (a timed event?) to move back to the State campground.

Fifteen dollars per two days, now that I have an annual pass. Two twenty five per month, with a move out for twenty four hours every other week, supplies within five miles. Food and gas, phone and internet. Cheap living, camp life.

Time to rest.

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