Tired already.

Plans made and plans change. I checked my calendar and the emails again realizing I was double booked, here and the hollow. G

Too late to get a refund at either place, it didn’t take me long to choose where I wanted to set up camp. However, with my late check out yesterday, I had to make sure I followed the twenty four hour rule.  I left the park sometime about four pm, so I wanted to wait until after then to come back in.

Rather than setting up any camp at the hollow, I repacked the car.  Everything fit the way it it was, though it looked a little.. unsafe maybe.  At the hardware store yesterday I picked up a new set of tie down straps, which are a bit better than the paracord.  Also, in safety yellow, they standout and ‘look’ safer too.

I may have to get a photo in the morning, yet for now this post will be short.  The cold is really taking the energy out of me, I want to just curl up in the mummy bag – and I will soon.  I suppose I could have set up the tent tonight, especially as I am back in the park.  However, I’m not sure that I’ll stick with site fifty nine. I may drive around in the morning to look at a few others.  I am thinking of seventy four or six. We’ll see.

At the hollow, it was uneventful other than meeting one neighbor there, Tony.  He and his wife have been staying at the hollow, with thirty amp service for four hundred and twenty per month.  As an RV park, it has a very ‘lived-in’ look compared to the State Park.  Many of the RV’s haven’t moved in years and have permanent porches and such built on. 

One night there charged and peaked my batteries, otherwise I wise ready to be home. Home here in the park. In Mathis.. the place where the very few chains I have are located.  Time to cut.

The weather here is almost the same right now as my first stop in NN, just planned tonight. The Lee Oliver memorial State park at an elevation of four thousand feet.  Same temperatures, daytime and nighttime lows, yet all sun there and no rain.

I think I’d take that over this damp cold feeling like November stuff.  Time for a take off list.  The sooner I get it done, the sooner I can go. Else, I’m out of here on Friday the tenth at noon either way.  Deadlines, I like this.

Okay, time to rest for now.. tomorrow a new list.. lets get to New Mexico.

Time to rest.


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