Cold already

It’s been a long day.  Slept warm enough, yet two nights in the car is enough, I knew I needed to lay down tonight. I thought about setting up the the tents the way I had before- really, setting up the whole site the way I had before.. and I lost all motivation.

It was cold and wet. I knew I wanted to lay down and I knew I wanted a heat source outside of my car.  A morning trip into town solved a few issues, breakfast and a small propane heater (inside safe even.) While at the hardware store, I picked up another blue tarp and I spent most of the day with that tarp and the two I already had converting the camp shelter into a three sided windbreak.

The wind today- to match the cold and wet- did not help.  Yet, after reconsidering my choices several times, I persisted.  I am happy now as I sit at my picnic table sheltered from he wind, propane heater at my feet, and my tent set up just behind me.  Everything inside my one hundred and forty four square foot camp shelter tarp outdoor inside temporary residence.

And the only opening is to the south, a view of the woods. I am anticipating some more quietness this way.  Starting with a short post tonight.  I am exhausted.  It was a cold long day and I considered a few other options, yet- I’m feeling cozy right now.

Time to rest.

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