Four and a quarter

If a photo says a thousand words, how many does a photo gallery say? What if I prefer a thousand words?  May they be better than a photo?

While taking the “purple” photo below a couple from Holland approached from behind me. Patiently they waited while I composed my shot – meticulously.

Having taken a knee, leaned over looking down at my camera near the concrete floor, the right angle was important. It wasn’t how I saw it the first time; as I did not have my camera with me. When I had rounded the corner into the “ball room”, I had instantly wanted to ask if I could take an “outside” shot as I reached for my phone that was not with me.  This would have been the angle for that shot.

The interior frame would have been filled side to side with the floor length gown and the light, much different then, would have been sending sharp rays from over my left shoulder.  The photographer had used a light kit of course to compensate and even the lighting, yet I sometime enjoy the sharp contrasts of natural rays of light at the right hours of the day.

She was standing a bit far out from the corner looking towards the nine stone windows as she mused and listened to the catchy dance music on her phone. The light through the stone lit up her profile and glinted in the healthy luster of her spirals. It would have been a great shot- I saw it.. just not through a viewfinder.

Once I clicked and stood, they asked.. “What were you taking a picture of?” and their curiosity was genuine.

Yet in that moment, having captured a photo of a now absence; I didn’t quite have the the words.

I smiled, my heart and mind content with my shot, I replied that I had taken a photograph of a memory.

This did not stem their curiosity; it may have peaked it in fact. I hope so, as then I gave them my name, .com. and told them it was currently the top story on the page.  If they read already, it was, if they’ve waited until now- they’ll see this story now, with them in it and it will be the next one down- the story of pink and purple.

The walk to the castle and the longhorn trail (backwards) was two point nine eight miles.  And I did one point three nine miles this morning while doing laundry.  Maggie was there, so was her brother – he opened the door for me as I went inside with my arms full.  A double machine filled with laundry and a twenty three minute timer.  Maybe not enough time for a mile, yet enough time not to sit down.

I set at twelve minute timer on my phone and walked outside, looking around and headed down Rockport towards Front street and kept going.  After a month in Mathis, this was my first time going for a walk in the city.  I can honestly say I enjoyed the walk and this is the way to get to know a place- not driving down the street. Past some decrepit buildings (little Mexico) and I came upon a large building being renovated (future brewery) and I stopped to wonder about it, as it looked like a church building.

Turning there I went up to San Patricio Ave, the main street through town.  Across the street and just a few store windows down- I spotted the House of Gainz gym. Curious, as I was about to join Planet Fitness again during my week at the beach, I crossed over walked down and- having no swipe card (as required per the signs) I knocked. The door was quickly opened and I was greeted with a “Welcome to House of Gainz gym! I’ll be right with you.” as she returned to the guest at the counter.

Taking a quick walk around, I was happy with what I saw – enough weight to destroy my body and enough machinery to make it happen slowly.  Exactly what I need right now.  Body weigh lifts are getting old (if I’m even doing them right.) When I’m just standing around, my left leg will just start pumping itself (not uncontrollable, just for extra lifts.) I’d really like to some squats with a bar over my shoulders.  Also they have a set of the thigh machine(s) in and out.. that will wreck me.

Beth called me over as soon as she could.  My question was easy- I’d answered it myself as quickly as I could speak the words by glancing at the ad copy on the counter.  Thirty five per month, no contract.  Other option too, discounts for seniors, first responders, veterans, educators, the list went on.  Any discounts for disabled skydiving instructors whom happened to be ex-elected politicians?

We talked and laughed for a little while, of my story and recovery- and some of Mathis too.  She has been here a long time and plans to keep herself (and her husband) securely safe here for as long as she can.  I have a feeling I will enjoy at least three more conversations with her to help me learn more about Mathis (myself?)

Little Mexico, the brewery, the five stagnant landowners that lead to a generation of underdevelopment in town.  I had tons of questions outside of gym membership, yet not the time.  She enjoyed my story – and my video.  Her coworker had come in, Alaina? They both watched – and as usual when I show it, I enjoyed their reactions.

Peopleusually don’t know how to “act” when they see such a tragic event, shown by the person in the video. Hence, I can observe an authentic reaction, not a recreation of another reaction.  I like that.

Not fitting the discount tiers, Beth admitted she was not the owner, yet really wanted to do something for me, with my short planned stay in town.  For now, there is a three visit sample.  A sample I plan to make use of in the morning; at least before one when she leaves!

Also.. Makayla.  That is a story I’ll keep to myself for now.  Maybe a story for tomorrow night.. we’ll see.  So many smiles and handshakes. Odd, yet.. I’m still smiling.

Hmm, four and a quarter miles today.  PR.

Time to rest.




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