AADs save lives, a good conversation.

Not every conversation is worth sharing and we should always be willing to share the good stories- to me, that means the stories by which we learn. The stories of how we learned are usually shared with someone who has not yet learned it.

The openness to this process, whether you are the learner or the learnee, is the act of learning. This is an excellent example of a good conversation on a topic that included several different ways of answering the same question and several different layers of learning.

I think I’ve written this post, not only to relay the direct topic: “AADs save lives”. However, also to put this forward as an example of a good conversation, good questions, good answers, and good participation.

First, the OP:


Some direct answers, a piece of information offered:


Here, is my own example of the act of learning, relaying my story of how I learned that AADs save lives from the OP’s current perspective. Then several clarifying questions and responses.

Important here, is I left room for what I did not know (though aware of the concept, I could not actually speak to the ‘lines’ in that argument.) Thankfully, I need not make every argument, as there are others that have learned much more than myself.


The picture was for attention I hope! I’m not sure about the reality of the photo though I’d be interested to hear that story. Here also is more sharing of good context-specific information.


A great clarifying question and some specific answers.


Some closing arguments and an emphasis on the ‘common’ wisdom.


There, that was a real story that I felt was worth repeating for hopefully both lessons to be learned. AADs save lives and good conversations lend well to learning on many levels.

If needed, the character name change policy is here in my last post.

Time to keep going…

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