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I have to admit I’m a little new to Facebook, I’ve only had an account since 2009 when Black and White Pete sent me an invite to see a picture of me in a pyramid at the end-of-year party. One of the things that I like about Facebook is that you can see what a person says before you reply to it. Then if your response is called out you can point back and show what you were responding to.

Well, unless a person deletes their comments. That is something that I don’t understand and I see it happen all the time. I’m not much for arguing on the Internet as there doesn’t seem to be much point in it.

At best you make a few good points and hope someone read them, usually, there is not much ‘good’ conversation and if there is, it will just get buried down the feed where no one else will notice it.

Particularly aggravating to me is when people do delete their comments, as one I think that implies they lack confidence in their words and secondly it takes away from the conversation that everyone else is trying to follow.

Since we’re on the topic of ‘online arguments’, or really, let’s just say ‘arguments’, let me take the opportunity to share what I think are a few good pointers for anyone that wants to move a conversation forward: asking and answering good questions.  See if at the end of a conversation, if you have questions about it, you should ask them.

I’ve shown that I answer all good questions and have not deleted a single word I’ve written from the conversation- by all means, if there is an error in my statements, I want to find it, not hide it.

I can not speak for the people that do delete their comments (we’re aware that only the comment author can delete or edit their own comments, right?) So far I have taken notice of four people delete their comments, one of them reposted their words almost entirely as soon as was called out, so I’ll leave him out of it. Next, somewhere in all the threads someone asked two questions and my replies are still part of the ‘record’, yet that person deleted their questions.

It didn’t surprise me at all that my older son deleted his comments as children are prone to behave that way. However, the comments that the last post in the colosseum had received were almost a week old and I had already harvested, processed, and preserved all of the screenshots a few days ago. It did surprise me to receive a new comment on the last thread tonight.

Especially as it had an argumentive tone and… well, as it was deleted by its author, maybe I shouldn’t respond. Odd though that he would insinuate “Can’t wait for this comment to be removed like other times I comment commen since on your post.”

To Chris Stubbs: If you don’t want your comments deleted, then don’t delete them. Only you (or can the FB Group Admins do that? I don’t know if they can yet I 100% bet they didn’t delete your comments based on my interactions with them.) I’m glad I’ve been taking “paranoid” actions like screenshotting every notification and post before I reply to it.

From the two comments you then posted minutes later and haven’t deleted so far, you add two more pieces of ‘information’ that weren’t directly related to the threat in which you posted them, so I’m not sure what your objective was. For that matter, I’m not sure why you have an objective at all. What is the point of adding two pieces of data that were irrelevant to the point in that thread? You appear to be restating facts that would support your narrative. Why do you seem to have a narrative here?

I certainly understand that I do: I am trying to prove that I am correct and to do so I made my accusation publicly and have done my best to debrief my final jump with all the tools that I had available to me: My laptop, an Internet connection, and thousands of willing skydivers.

Why do you seem intent on discrediting me?  Why don’t you answer questions? Why did you try to mislead me about Shaggio’s whereabouts when you called me on the telephone Chris?  Why did you say that you didn’t consent to having that telephone call recorded when we were half way through the call? Do you know that only one party needs to consent to record a telephone call, Chris? Why did you tell me that Shaggio was in Michigan when he called the DZ the day of my incident Chris?

After I notified you that I was recording the call, well honestly you didn’t say much at all. You wouldn’t answer my question- that I’m now still asking- who called Shaggio? Why did that person call Shaggio? Shaggio was not my contact and since no one has admitted to seeing Shaggio at all that weekend (even though he admits he was there,) why did someone call him? Who was it?

Was it you Chris Stubbs? Did you call Shaggio and notify him of my incident? If you did (or whoever did,) why? It appears that Chris wants to jump into this… so maybe I should let him?  Yes, that sounds polite: tomorrow I’ll write some good questions for him.

It’s been a good day, lots of work formatting the first three books, hopefully, they’ll be ready to go as ebooks soon, then a few steps for a later paperback release. Chris or Shaggio even, may not have figured it out yet, however, I have a feeling that my debrief of jump #2586 may be one of the most talked about skydives of the year, which is kind of special as the jump occurred last year!

The day hasn’t been dull, or exciting. Just the same steady routine, sleep has been good, and going to bed early (11pm) has been helpful to get the hours in. Then just up and working on the list since nine. Until those notifications popped up I wasn’t sure what I would write about tonight, glad that happened to keep this chapter (we’re now in the fourth book, I think,) interesting.

Time to rest.

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