Twelve in a day.

Whew, not a lot of ‘typing’ exactly, no ‘writing’ produced. It was certainly a lot of keystrokes involved to process over two hundred screenshots into a hopefully organized manner to store them.

I finished one set yesterday and I wanted to make good progress on the work today. I almost surprised myself though- I thought it would take at least another day. Starting just past eleven this morning I worked and posted the last set at close to eight pm.

After that, I preheated the oven and started dinner, another lasagna. Some time spent checking Facebook on my phone. Then picking up the Mabook to type tonight’s post. More phone calls.

First a call from Henry Ford to schedule an EMT test for the next available date- in December! I accepted the appointment and asked if it would be with the same doctor, Dr. Yuki. The scheduler confirmed and I again accepted the appointment and asked them to relay a message to the doctor that she might personally remember me from our previous appointment last year and that I would welcome an early appointment if something opened up.

Several more phone calls from the same nurse and I’ve not got an appointment for the same test on August 29th. Also received calls to schedule neurology on July 27th after the MRIs on the 16th and 17th.

Was in bed sleeping at 11 pm last night, awake shortly after six. Came downstairs to smoke, then went back to back for another ninety minutes.  Have felt well rested today. It’s only ten-fourteen pm now, still early. Though I have no clue what to write. I’m tired and really, staying so busy all day- well, staying busy with the Vyvanse- doesn’t allow me much internal small talk. Had to keep it business in there so I didn’t lose count of the layers of the images I was working on, the file naming schemes, etc.

Glad I’ve finished the colosseum posts, they’ll be ready for a picture book. Next, I have to get moving on the three books, it has been weeks now that I’ve had the funds. However, I’m also on the third iteration of the ‘best plan’ to get it/them published. At first, I was going to use what I now know is called a “Vanity Publisher”.

They’ll take your script and do all the finishing work. Letting you have your book selling on Amazon, digital, and “print on demand.” Which is great the goal would be reached- at a cost of $799. Continuing research I next found a software called Vellum and a place to purchase ISBN numbers and I could ‘officially’ be my own self-publisher- selling my digital finished books on my own website direct and also print on demand via Amazon.

Lastly, though, I found I can upload a ‘raw’ script directly to Amazon, letting them be the ‘publisher’ and provide the ISBN for free, and immediately have the book available on their platform for next to nothing- and I’m sure that would be represented in my percentage of royalties from my book sales- however that whole system works.

Okay, enough for today, ten thirty-seven.

Time to rest.


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