Four in a day

Hm… That might be a new record. So far today I published AADs save lives, a good conversation.What did you do for your birthday?, and Colosseum – Round One.

The first is a brief commentary on a brief online conversation, a good one as I called it. The second is a short story I guess? By itself a work of Fiction, yet allusive to the story I’ve told which is Fact. The last is just a chapter of a picture book.

Today has been restful and I didn’t really do much at all other than the work to write those three posts. The first I needed to make a post with screenshots to see how best to display them. In past posts, I’ve included links if a person clicked on the image, yet I think more people may prefer to scroll. Then, looking at the stats, I really liked how the curve over time went and thought of the wave and a story came to mind. Lastly, out of over two hundred screenshots in total, I finally got the first 14 uploaded and posted.

I also added two more “Tables of Content”, if you’re on a desktop they should be on your right, on a mobile just keep scrolling down.

The days are becoming routine again, waking at 7, downstairs, pills and shower at 8:30, and working on the list by 9. This week I need to work on and finished the disability questions for my attorney.

Hmm, maybe this is even a record for the shortest adventure post?

Time to rest.

PS. Anyone with Amazon prime should check out the movie “Alien Code”. Just finished watching before this post and wow, a good movie.

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