My two sons.

As for the factual questions you’ve brought up (past, present, and future,) I must answer those in the blog or I’d split my thought process. I will take credit as the source of the enlightenment and the questions it presents (to keep you anonymous in this specific regard, as another ‘inside’ voice of mine, that by my lucky chance comes to me in clear written txt.)

This entire message and only this entire message will also appear in the blog- as to be honest here it must be always be true with my story there. With receiving this message here, you can be assured the rest of our messages will never appear in the blog. With my public freedom so does come yours: your posts on Facebook can and may be used in my blog and may be shared for everyone to see.

You are free to express your faith and feelings to me as you seek the truth. That is to say, you can express what you think and what you love to me any time and all of the time, I am always here. And for as long as I am here, I will always respond- knowing that your faith and feelings will always help me find the truth too.

I fully admit that I have a unique view of the reality of 1/8/22 and many of my own thoughts and actions that day were wrong. Also, there are still more things about that day that I don’t even know or remember yet and things I do know that I don’t know I’m wrong about yet.

There are still many gaps in my own memories, and many more memories from those two weeks that I can’t specifically include or exclude from that day’s timeline yet. (ie. Many dozens of conversations at picnic tables with all different people, for hours each day!)

As I’ve said repeatedly, “I” cannot currently logically conclude this Fact, due to a TBI that “I” cannot personally exclude and that the combination of the propensity of the accusation and my own feelings in regard to Shaggio/Franz and the last two years at the airport vs previous two vs pre-history w/Franz and rsvp.

Being the last two statements logically resolve, I just need a doctor to say my memories are not affected- four MRI’s scheduled on the 16th & 17th, tailbone to head bone. Then, I will be able logically conclude:

It is a Fact that Shaggio was at the airport on 1/8/22 and gave me a pre-jump briefing for current wind conditions without telling me it would be downwind, after he glanced over his shoulder and spotted the arrow and turned me away from it, placing his arm over my shoulders and walked me to the pond.

As you know, I have two sons just beginning their skydive careers- if I “just drop this”, sooner or later I fear the results would take one of their lives. Whether they were the ‘Cain’ or ‘Abel’ doesn’t matter – when one brother kills another, there are two victims. I must take this action.

Further messages will be sent privately to you.

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