It’s just like

I need to get some better pictures. I told myself a few days ago that I didn’t want to publish any more posts without a photo of some sort. If I didn’t produce one during the day, then I could take a picture of the wall or find some clip art. So, today we’ve got a heart chart. It’s interesting- for me at least- to see a visual change that tracks with the physical changes I can feel in the last few days.

It’s not a lot- though it seems to accumulate through the day, a sense of greater wakeness and no I don’t mean any kind of social or political wakeness either.  I feel more awake. I don’t know– well, I can’t even finish that thought, I do know there is a scale of consciousness, I was a  three. Ha, anyway, that’s not what I’m talking about either.  Certainly you know when you wake from a mid day nap, or even in the morning some days and you just have a groggy feeling- that ‘need a cup of coffee’ feeling?

If just barely awake enough to hit a snooze button is a one and the adrenaline rush alertness at the end of sprint is a ten, what is the norm? Let’s call it a five. Probably not a linear scale either, but that is completely tangential. Last week, last month, last… it feels like I was just cruising around a three and half or four. Whatever that means. More ‘sober’ too- and I’m not speaking of cannabis- that consumption or it’s affects haven’t changed- yet without the Duloxetine/Vyvanse combo, something feels different mentally. All in all, a good thing, a nice thing.

Was awake at seven yet moving kind of slow, into the shower by nine and downstairs before ten. Went to work (went to ‘play’?) on my digipeater- it’s not such a physical device, or it wasn’t this morning. I had the direwolf software running directly on my PC and I was working on moving back over to its own independent raspberry pi. Half way though the process, I started having issues- the Internet had gone down.

After more than a few hiccups, I decided it was time to go down to the Comcast store. Though it took a while, maybe an hour or so, there was no wait. And at the end the problem was resolved. As I’m now a ‘new’ customer, my old customer account was causing issues. While there, they gave me a good sales pitch for their mobile plan, looks like I could save quite a bit. I’ll go back tomorrow to move over my two phones. If it all works out as she says, my ending bill for Internet/Wifi at home and both mobile lines will be twenty five dollars per month.

We’ll see and it sounds good. More applications today, Indeed keeps filling my inbox with matches and I keep applying. The last one stopped me for a second.. then I applied to it too.  Maybe I could be the next Administrative Assistant for the Public Works Fiscal Office? Maybe I could ask the Mayor (current or former,) for a reference? Or the City Manager? Ha, we’ll see if I get a call back on that one.

Feeling good, I found the bike key, got it unlocked, off the porch and filled the tires. I even through my leg over it (and almost fell down,) before I got a hold of my senses. I barely got back off of it without falling. I think I need a stationary bike.

I know there is one at the YMCA. I need to go, I need to go often. I need to not care if I limp when I do it.

Time to rest.

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