The heat is on.

Ninety degrees, almost. And it’s not dry. I can’t say I enjoyed every day as much as I could have in the desert, the biome was much better than Michigan for the months I was there. Thank God I’m not in Texas right now. Did you know there is enough space in Texas for every human being on the planet to have one thousand square feet? (By raw acreage, not accounting for usable land and other necessary uses.)

A quick google led to some interesting numbers, in the United States, with usable land equally divided (after cows, forests, corn, wheat, soy, and removing the largest private land owners, cattle ranches and oil barons,) each person remaining would get two acres. Of course, that is not accommodating for anything else, like roads, human infrastructure, parks and golf courses, etc.

Splitting what’s left fifty fifty between the public uses and private uses, each human being here would get one acre for their personal uses. Have a spouse? There is two- starting a family? Let’s add some acres. A five acre family plot maybe, each child gaining their own acre when needed, eventually the couple downgrading again to a two acre retirement location.

Now that is just math, I find it interesting, it also has nothing much to do with the current reality or governmental policy. Now, I firmly believe that their was a time past and a time future when what I stated above was, or could have been, and will be a reality again one day. God only knows, it could be before the next election. Yet, there is lot of work left on Earth I think, I know I’ve got some things to improve on myself before I want Kingdom come.

So, by now many readers may be curious about John’s post earlier today. Firstly, I want to clarify that John Wilson (Facebook, public candidate,) did not author this post on this website, he was the original poster of the Facebook post that started started the exchange on Facebook primarily between myself and several others, that I preserved in case any part might be deleted. It is difficult to have an accurate account or recollection of anything if it’s not written and saved. Oh, I can have a recollection or a memory, yet that accuracy is influenced inversely by its distance past and in any of various hues by emotions or agendas present at time of recollection.

So much faster to find ones errors as well, and although I don’t like to edit directly except for the most minor corrections, spelling or adding “of/the/for/then” when my errors really distract from or invert my intention (missing a “not” in a sentences, sometimes obvious what a writer “meant”, yet you can never be sure..”) Otherwise, I can just link back to a post and say something like “Well you know, after a month or two, I’ve been thinking about that again and…”, as for the errors or typos, well suffice it to say this website’s office budget does not yet allow for an editor.

Hmm, while I’m on this tangent, let me correct another error now, what I could or should have said to be more honest. I am not a candidate for Mayor of Jackson at the time of this writing. That is a fact. That is not to say that I haven’t “pushed a few buttons” in the last week. In the desert I had an idea, that I could walk one hundred and fifty four miles this year and I believe I can. Could I do it up and down both sides though, twice? Not without a bike, I’ve been thinking about the bike.

And people, if I haven’t been honest enough about my current financial predicament, let me say this: I love people, detest politics and have already had the opportunity to learn about government.  Yet if I still need the income and thought I had a chance or was a necessary complement to the two primary winners (to the best of my information the primary candidates are John Wilson, Caleb Blondkie, the Councilmember and Mr. Mayor,) and as a write in candidate I only need to file a paper or two before October and for a thirty thousand dollar two year contract?

Yes, consider me in for that money. The salary. In my condition that sum would amount to a miracle. Unable to work for seventeen months, I am now three months behind in my mortgage and have no income or support from any source apart from as I mentioned yesterday, food stamps. I am eligible for disability, unless I earn over thirteen thousand dollars. By definition, if I was hired by the voters of the City of Jackson to be Mayor, I would no longer be eligible for disability and to me… To me I would not be disabled. Maybe I’d say “I just walk funny, I make too much money to be disabled.” And that would would for two years.

By then, if I’m not actually recovered and earning money with an actually job to pay my mortgage, I could file for disability, after I ran for the next Ward Three election for that salary which is ten grand per year. Less, for the smaller role, yet that salary would be additive with my disability, if it is awarded to me, of just under fifteen thousand per year, twelve forty two per month for the rest of my life. Welcome to fixed income, yet that is the current balance from my twenty nine years of labor. Together, twenty five thousand per year, and honesty, that is more that enough for me, steady too? It’s almost too much, maybe I’d better stick with being Mayor for fifteen.  Needles have small eyes.

Now that I’m openly saying I’m “in” the race with the aforementioned, what is going to change? Nothing. I am who I am and I’m working on getting better every day. Read this website if you want to know my three daily goals or my three lifetime goals or lot else about me, most especially since last November- on the daily. If Jeromy Alexander won the office of Mayor of Jackson in twenty twenty three, as… well, me. This me with an open mind as always, now with open eyes and something I need to write every night. Something I’ve got to do to reduce my errors, as one day, Kingdom will come. I’ve I won, it would be a miracle and I would accept it. That is being most honest, except serious, I don’t think I’ll be ‘running’ for Mayor.

Okay, back to John’s post, once the heat was on, his parts were minimal, a wise move. Sometimes it’s just better to get out the popcorn. I could tell you I love John, yet that is a bit of an over used phrase amongst distant acquaintances. Better yet, I like John, a lot. Good bartender and not because he can mix a drink or not (I usually only drink beer,) or because he does make a darn good hamburger, yet he’s got an amazing smile, he’s personable, friendly, very intelligent, and humble. So humble in fact, he sometimes likes to hide his intelligence lest he deter one of his own voters. Stir the pot and duck, it’s a technique he pulls off well.

Actually, it’s damn smart. Even Abraham Lincoln would say so, as I think (God help me,) that our Great President actually did say something about “It’s better to let people think you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and prove them correct.” — Now, to be clear, I am not inferring John would be an idiot had he responded more in the interaction. It is the perception of the others that we are dealing with. If he opened his mouth and said something truly open, honest and intelligent (as he is capable,) he might offend others and become an idiot in their eyes. Hence, in John’s post, I think he was wise. Or maybe just busy at the bar, wink wink, love ya Johnny.

Me on the other hand. I do not believe that I am wise and when I open my mouth I think I may be an idiot, yet to not write is to not learn, to not grow, to not live. I am not wise and I must be honest with that lest I prohibit myself from such an attainment. If accurate proof of my own  idiotically thoughts and actions is what I require to change things in my life that need changing or to measure the improvements, maintaining my lists and progress from now til then, so be it. Perhaps I am being too humble, or worse a bit falsely so.

I do think I have good thoughts and good actions, all hopefully summed in good words. Words worth writing. Typing was suggested as part of my rehab and it has worked to almost fully recover my typing ability- I just can’t hit the numbers anymore. Not on a laptop without a number pad. If I really try, I can make them reach, though I’ve now found the habit of just typing my numbers. Also, of significant value, medically and diagnostically I’ve documented my journey through physical recovery, noting the miles and the falls, the hilltops and the missteps. I may not be a good example, or maybe I am in some regards, yet in all cases, I am not yet ready for Kingdom come, and so far, this website has truly been the most cathartic element of my existence. Out with the garbage, making room for the good to come in. This is the plan I’m on.

Perhaps this is all just a draft for some monumental piece I’ll write one day. Okay, okay, okay, what about this day?

Couldn’t fall asleep well last night, just a bit to warm and sweaty even with just my boxers on laying on the fitted sheet, blanket off to the side. Woke shortly after seven and managed to roll around mostly asleep until eight. It’s now one oh one am, months ago I required a midnight deadline, not anymore. And now I have issues going to bed late.. hmm (one to keep working on.) Most of the morning went quickly, on Facebook for some response and having come to the end of it, I found some parts of the total interaction had been deleted by Jodi, so I immediately went to work preserving the rest.

I work too hard to type my words for them me be lost beyond my accurate ability to reproduce them. Screenshots, screenshots. It was a bit, yet now the conversation seems done.  See, with the truth, you just have to keep going- you don’t even need to know where you’re going, just keep going (and make sure you’re using a compass of sorts,) conversations continue to their natural end. Good conversations, especially in well thought out and written responses can be educational for the people and profitable for the soul. John’s post is saved. We can now learn things from it- there is a lot going on there.

Hmm, going into speed mode, because I am getting tired now. Went out to Fuel four twenty for another ounce of shake and they had none, had to go with have as much of next next cheapest option, a half popcorn buds for the same price as the shake ounce.

Back home, it was hot. Hot and not changing for a while, the heat is on. Looked at the budget (including the pop can budget, easily one eighty in Labatt cans in my basement,) and made some calls. Ajax was great on the phone, too busy with business work to help me directly my central AC, yet was happy to point me towards Lammers and suggested they’ed be more suited for me. That was the next call and after some conversation, and a clear explanation of my spending limit (I’ve allocated one twenty, as the lines are not freezing, yet the air blow no cold,) I have an appointment for a technician to visit on Friday afternoon. I may even buy a six pack of Labatt and see if that lowers my bill too. That could be an investment.

This evening I triked down to Frosty Boy setting my non motorized speed record for the year with just over a five mile per hour pace for one point seven miles.

That and this post have been my night and it’s been a good day full of thought. So, at the end of my post now, I’ve only just briefly mentioned the word investment. Investments, capital and credit, and the rising cost of rent. Ten words, I’d need another ten hours that I don’t have right now, so we’ll just leave well enough alone for the night. Also, to see the thoughts and opinions expressed on this post on the Facebook page before I do continue further. I may often open my mouth, yet I do try to close it when my brain sends the signal that it’s going off duty.

A final thought though, I am a proficient web site designer and web host, and to equal the platforms, I’d like to remind everyone that I could build a website for any candidate, just like this (or however you want,) at and whether a candidate or business owner (this is a public offer!) wants to post as often as I do, there site would be their own. The base price for any site, is three hundred, plus one hundred per hour for the initial build and training you to use it, plus twenty five bucks month to month, no contracts.

I’ve also offered people, and now I offer the four candidates to be equal to all, to write a guest post on this site. I’d be happy to publish one post from each candidate per week here on my site. To be fair, each candidate would need to email me at, the subject line will be their title and the content will be the post. Copy and paste- do your own editing! I’m not touching your words. (Except to black violate words, if need be, there are the rules for my servers, unchanged in two decades: Terms of Service. [Also, the candidates would have a deadline, five pm Friday, which I would then publish aiming for five thirty, this way no candidate would see the others work before they had to submit their own.  Except me, I would take the lessor role of having final publishing slot and the duty to do so with integrity.]

I’ve offered this before and just like (insert joke about opposing candidate in November election) the only person to have the balls to submit a random post for publishing, doesn’t have any. For the candidates, your posts would appear in the Politics category. Now, I offer this as benefit as all. As John’s post shows, Facebook is not a good place for intelligent political discussion.

This website, could be.

Time to rest.

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