Not as comfortable as my keyboard and I don’t want to need PT on my thumbs, it is nice that I can post from my phone I guess. Better than not being able to post, yet when I read and edit typos later, I can tell the different between my posts.

With my thumbs, I do try to be concise and I would have to look, yet I’m sure I don’t write over a thousand words in these posts. However, this won’t be fully, one if those posts.

After dinner, I did the evening mile. Two miles a day may be a bit much. After setting up the car earlier to be able to quickly connect the inverter, I almost didn’t go connect it to charge my laptop. I didn’t have the energy.


Neither did my laptop, so I used a different tool.  The day I installed the CB into my car, I also ran the battery down, and had to plug its charger into the inverter, then powered by the solar panels. Sometimes that happens, things get ran down; sometimes that happens, people get ran down.

For the things, you better find somewhere to plug it in, somewhere with some juice.  Every couple days, I’ll see someone plug a battery box of some sort up at the restrooms. I even thought about it myself yesterday when I had my power issues.  Yet, in a water only camping site, I would not be allowed to run an extension cord up to the bathroom, so why would I use a battery to take it that way?  Does the campground consent to that?

First things first, what happened today? We’re gonna go in run down mode tonight, it is eleven sixteen already.

A nice day, woke up rested in the tent, stretched as much as I can in there, got out and went to shower.  After yesterday, and although I don’t care about my appearance, hence the beard/mustache and long hair (and we’ve seen how bad the beard can get..)  I decided it was pointless to have brought my beard trimmer if it wasn’t going to be used- and but also to project a cleaner image, I’ve cutoff my beard and mustache for the first time since I can’t even remember, the soul patch is still there.

I thought of it the last time I showered, and certain this time.  I can shower without looking at my feet, without fear of falling, all while turning around with my hands in the air, or scrubbing my back, twisting this way and that.  With shampoo covered eyes, I could dip my head down (short showers here.. hot water, good pressure.. yet the nozzles could be about eight inches higher) to rinse the top of my head, and with my eyes still closed turn around while rotating my head around.  Wasn’t scared.

I procrastinated the walk, just like this post.  It’s not a morning mile if it isn’t done in the morning.  Copy that, done in the morning, not begun.  I started at eleven am.  After one lap, I got a call on my radio from Falco and made plans to meet for lunch at Taqueria Vallarta, that nice restaurant I’ve wanted to try out. (Odd how things work out, though, I did not wear a button-up.)

Had a great time visiting with him eye to eye after two weeks of chatting on the radio.  That place is nice too, the food was amazing.  Fresh squeezed lemonade and some real– I’m from Michigan everyone, and I’m sorry, I can only speak the way I know, Taco Bell is fake Mexican, and in Jackson, Tres Amigos, is real Mexican.  This place is what Tres Amigos is trying to duplicate poorly.

Falco, is now my model Texas Amateur Radio Operator.  Amazing stories, I would have to stay for another month of Sundays to hear them all.  And I could never tell them them as well as him.  From radio to surfing to metal detecting to which cartels own what to his eyes/ears on the ground local happenings in regards to drugs and smuggling in this part of Texas, Forget CNN, sit down with Falco. 

Also, he made me feel right at home.  He already already eaten and was only drinking coffee yet quickly offered to buy me lunch and I just got the lemonade and thanked him.  After chatting a while, he asked again if I was hungry, which I was.  When the waitress came around, I asked for a taco, she said walking away “one crunch taco”, I stopped with “can that be a soft taco?”

She gave me a look and Falco jumped in with I think meant a (can’t remember now) and looked at me and asked, “with a soft flour tortilla?” I nodded and said yeah, he repeated to the waitress and she walked away.  That was nice.

After a while, in the booth behind us a woman noticed Falco and came to greet him.  Hugs and handshakes went around, as the gentlemen with her (maybe her son?) also was friends and had some stories to tell as a volunteer firefighter.  Well wishes for health went all around, and we returned to our conversation.

On to showing my incident video and to hearing him tell about him landing a plane on a highway in the desert as a student pilot.  Could never have been enough time and it ended up just right.  Back on the road afterwards, I made one quick QSO on the radio.  So we could end with our seven three.

Stopped at auto zone to check my SES light – fuel eval, no big deal, reset and its’ off and picked up some new battery terminals and some four gauge wire.  Back to camp to write the take off list now with only a day and a half to go, then got terminals installed and with the cables, I’ll now quickly be able to plug in the inverter to the car, any time I need to.

It was good day sat down and rested a bit, then went to do the night mile.  Met Marlyn, a believer; shared some of my story.  Did the mile slow and easy, no race pace, did not die.  Eleven fifty fifty, must type faster.  Came back, sat down, ate dinner, drank a beer.

Decided I could not walk to plug in inverter.  Had phone to post. I was out of energy.  I don’t like the phone.  Inverter is for emergencies, use the phone.  This is an emergency my laptop is dead.

I found the energy, for an emergency.  When have I ever ran out of energy?  When has anyone.. pick a parent, I have a friend with six kids, and has to shop at ten stores to find formula.  Run her ragged and put her to bed.  Set off a fire alarm. Guess who just got energy.   

I do have energy, I have a motivation problem.

Tonight hurt, I wouldn’t stop.

Time to rest.

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